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Kid baked Sicilian

Traditional Easter recipe

by Ada Parisi
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Capretto al forno alla siciliana con patate, secondo di carne siciliano gustoso e semplice

How to prepare Sicilian-style baked kid, second course of meat typical of the Easter period

Kid baked Sicilian with potatoes, a traditional Sicilian recipe of the period of Easter and not only. A Sicilian meat main course tasty, cooked with lots of red onions from Tropea PGI and served with baked potatoes. During the Christmas and Easter celebrations in Sicily Kid is a traditional dish. If one of my CHRISTMAS MENU You have not found the Second course Suitable for you, this could be a solution.

Kid baked Sicilian: Here's how to do it at home

Baked kid is a tasty Sicilian meat main course and simple to prepare. There are three Types of cooking Popular: grilled, baked or stewed. Cooking on the grill is performed mostly in restaurants, while in the house it is more easily prepare roast kid.

The The recipe is very simple and with few ingredients: meat kid, so much Rosemary cool, Many onions redhead (preferably PGI Tropea), oil extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. Is’ essential before browning kid, until obtaining a uniform browning. Then simply put it in a pan with onions and spices and, half-cooked, Deglaze with white wine: the meat is tender, tasty and fragrant.

Lamb, dack or kid? Differences

But honestly my favorite way to prepare this type of meat is KID STEW WITH POTATOES, cooked over low heat for hours in a pan with garlic and parsley (the sauce of the damp is a fable about the spaghetti alla chitarra).

Not finding the kid, It is possible to replace it with the classic Roman lamb (Have you already tried l’Lamb cacciatore?) or with Sardinian PGI lamb. And here I also explain WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LAMB AND KID?. The Perfect side dish for Sicilian-style baked kid are the baked potatoes or, for the sweet tooth, the Mashed potatoes. The kid, but also the lamb, are an integral part of the Sicilian cuisine and are prepared in many ways: have a look at all my SICILIAN RECIPES and at RECIPES WITH LAMB to find the dish that tickles your fancy. Have a good day!

Capretto al forno alla siciliana con patate, secondo di carne siciliano gustoso e semplice


Portions: 6 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
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two kilos of goat or lamb not large pieces

6 red onions

extra virgin olive oil

salt and pepper

abundant fresh rosemary

200 milliliters of white wine

800 grams of potatoes


The preparation of roast kid is really simple. The difference in this case is due to the quality of meat, coming from very young animals, It is a very young, delicate and flavorful. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees.

Clean the onions and cut them in half and then into slices not too thin. Spray a baking sheet with olive oil and place on the bottom half of the onions.

Meanwhile, wash the meat, rubbing it under running water with coarse salt. Put the meat to dry on a paper towel and dab it. Brown the meat in a pan in olive oil, salting it piece by piece, until they evenly golden from all over. Remove the kid from the pan and transfer it into the pan, by resting above the onions. Cover the kid with the remaining onions and add plenty of fresh rosemary. Season with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and freshly ground black pepper and bake.

Bake for half an hour, then turn the pieces of kid eliminating any excess liquid due to the release of the vegetation water of the onions. After half an hour add the white wine and complete cooking for another 20 minutes or until the meat is soft, caramelized onions and almost creamy and thick and tasty sauce.

While the kid cooks, peel potatoes and cut into pieces. Cook them in a pan with extra virgin olive oil and salt, Medium and fire blankets, until golden and soft. During the last 10 minutes of cooking Kid, add the potatoes to the meat so that they take the flavor of the sauce. Serve the roast kid to the hot Sicilian. Bon appétit!


MATCHING: We recommend a native Sicilian like Nocera, A native grape variety saved from extinction by Cambria winery, Furnari, in the province of Messina. An elegant red, of body and structure, able to age well. Nothing better than a busy meat like this.

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