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Christmas 2018, the fish menu

by Ada Parisi
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New episode of my menu for the Christmas holidays in 2018. After vegetarian menu, the Sicilian menu, the easy and inexpensive menu for Christmas, Today I leave the traditional fish menu, what I normally prepare at New Year, perhaps adding some fried like finger food before the starter, and of course a couple of cakes, because we are family mouthwatering. Perhaps you will feel subjected to a string of email, but I swear it's for your own good and that it will be limited to these two weeks before the holidays! As always, I suggest a light starter, two first (one of which is a risotto), a second heavy but not too rich and sweet. I pre-announcement now that the next incoming menu will be those of meat, the creative / gourmet and the cheap & chic, that is not too expensive but tasty. Take a look also at of Christmas 2017 seafood menu, I wonder whether you like it not something. Have a good day!

Let's start with a classic, the mussels au gratin. A dish that fish on the table can never fail with the peppered mussels (if you want you can prepare both, to meet the tastes of all): I recommend serving them lying on a fresh salad of fennel and oranges: the combination is extraordinary. You can prepare the mussels in advance and store them in the refrigerator, covered with plastic wrap, ready for their 15 minutes of baking.

Mussels au gratin

Then a risotto, because as I always say there is no holiday menu without a sumptuous risotto prepared and delivered with love: I I will propose a good one, easy and elegant. Risotto with radicchio, Prosecco DOCG and fresh salmon tartare. Impress your guests with a dish for gourmets.

Risotto with Prosecco, radicchio PGI and salmon tartare all & #8217; Orange

The first of pasta that I propose is a sea and mountains sfiziosissimo: pasta with artichokes, calamari and lemon. A simple recipe but rich in taste, with the freshness of lemon, the crispness of the artichokes and flavor of the squid. You can use short pasta, and I recommend it if you are in so many to dinner or lunch, a long pasta, even egg if you're not in too many. If you prefer not to prepare a dough expressed, you can opt for Salmon and spinach lasagne, easy to prepare with advance

Pasta with artichokes, calamari and lemon

The second that I have chosen for you is a plate of great tradition: the sea ​​bass in salt. A classic loved by all the purists fish, because cooking salt leaves the flavors and textures intact, simple to do. I'll propose in festive version, richer then, accompanied by potatoes and mushrooms with lemon. You can use sea bass, but also bream, snapper or fish you prefer, provided that full and of great dimension.

Sea bass baked in salt, with potatoes and mushrooms

An ideal accompaniment? The Pumpkin Sweet & Sour, that will give diners a step ahead and bring a touch of color to the table Sicilian.

Sweet and sour pumpkin

Finally the sweet: After all this food I thought of a pudding, cool, delicious but with a slight sour note. The tiramisu with chocolate and orange: a dessert that satisfies the palate, where dipping the spoon in the middle layers of cream, biscuits and fruit, but with the cool touch of oranges. Then, Panettone and Pandoro like there's no tomorrow!

Tiramisu chocolate and orange

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elisabetta corbetta 17 December 2018 - 08:44

Is’ the menu that I would do this Christmas. I love it
A big kiss

Ada Parisi 17 December 2018 - 13:18

Then we eat more or less the same things. One kiss, ADA


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