Frost Sicilian lemon

Essenza di Sicilia: lemon frost. We are in the perfect time for this sweet: There are the summer lemon (to Syracuse PGI it is great) and lemon frost is perfect to end a dinner in a fresh and original way. You know those lemon sorbets in bric that are offered in every restaurant? Delete the chemical taste from your mind and imagine the taste sour, cool, intense of Sicilian lemon frost. And then, decorated with a few raspberries and mind, Sicilian lemon frost in my opinion is also an elegant and perfect dessert for concluding a Christmas dinner or New Year, When the cakes you get exhausted and need something fresh and undemanding. I love lemon desserts, its fresh and tangy touch makes every sweet less cloying and more intriguing, as for example in TIRAMISU’ LEMON.

As you know, I am a passionate fruit gels, that they are typical of the Sicilian pastry, so I can not suggest to try all my FRUIT JELLY RECIPES and of course my SICILIAN RECIPES Typically. And if you are lovers of all creamy desserts, then take a look at the recipes DESSERT SPOON and it feels like being in paradise. Have a good day!


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  • 350 milliliters of natural mineral water
  • zest of 2 lemons verdelli Syracuse IGP
  • 150 milliliters of lemon juice verdello of Syracuse IGP
  • 300 grams caster sugar
  • 50 grams of cornstarch (corn starch)
  • vanilla Bourbon, to taste
  • fresh raspberries, to taste
  • fresh mint, to taste
  • icing sugar, to taste


Frost lemon

To prepare the lemon frost, with a day in advance you have to put the grated lemon peel soaked in water. Wash lemons, grate the rind with zester, weigh 350 milliliters of still water and add the lemon zest. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and put in the coolbox for 24 hours.

After the water off time with the lemon zest, filtering the water. Squeeze the lemons and, obtained 150 milliliters of juice, add water flavored. Put the cornstarch in a bowl, join flush of the liquid that will serve to make the lemon ice and stir to dissolve the cornstarch in the liquid. Remember that the cornstarch dissolves completely cold, while if the hot-add will create lumps.

When the cornstarch is completely dissolved, add the remaining liquid. Add the vanilla and granulated sugar.

Cook over low heat stirring constantly until liquid starts to Simmer. Lemon Frost, heating and coming to a boil, become pale and thick consistency color. Let it Simmer the ice for 2-3 minutes, stirring constantly, then pour it into the molds. You can also put lemon frost flute champagne, as it happens for the sorbet.

Cool the lemon frost and, when it is at ambient temperature, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate over night.

Before serving the lemon frost, unmold the cake and garnish the ice with raspberries and a little’ fresh mint. If you like, and you want to give a softer touch to the lemon ice that in itself is very sour and fresh, Sprinkle the raspberries with a little’ icing sugar. Bon appétit!

Frost Sicilian lemon
Frost Sicilian lemon

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elisabetta corbetta 9 November 2018 at 08:40

Yummy in particular that cinnamon or cantaloupe melon

A big kiss

Ada Parisi 10 November 2018 at 10:53

I agree. Besides the watermelon which for me is the top!


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