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Christmas 2018, the vegetarian menu

by Ada Parisi
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And here is our vegetarian menu for Christmas 2018. We arrived in a new Christmas together, with new proposals for parties to devise, prepare and enjoy course. Like every year I've thought and thought about how they can be useful, for Christmas or New Year's Eve it. I thought about how to get in a corner of your kitchen and your lives with my dishes, with a board, an unusual combination that can give to your dinners amazement that makes them unforgettable. Then, in these few weeks you will receive email more, because they will come some new recipes, but also full menus that I'm working for you. I want to meet all the needs. for that, Also in 2018 I decided to abound. I propose a creative menu for those with few guests gourmet, a menu where you must work a little’ in the kitchen but then you can devote to a quiet dinner and taste even with eyes dishes. Then a Sicilian menu, that this site can not miss, with traditional dishes or the inspiration to my wonderful island. And still, a menu of meat and a Fish menu according to tradition. And a vegetarian menu, maybe vegans can customize their own way. Finally, a easy and inexpensive menu for those who are beginners or, simply, It must be within a specific budget. Click on individual photos or the names of the recipes and you will be redirected to the single recipe. And have a look also at vegetarian menu of Christmas 2017, maybe trovete inspiration. Have a good day!

The vegetarian menu this year is light but delicious, all made with seasonal vegetables and two sweet to end a meal. As an appetizer I thought to caponata apple: a traditional Sicilian dish but reinterpreted according to seasonality with apples, that give a delightful touch to sour dish and you have to prepare one or two days in advance, which is good. Alternatively, if you want to stay on the caponata, you can also try artichoke caponata, equally delicious but a little’ more difficult to do, since you have to clean all the artichokes.

Sicilian apple caponata

Then two first courses, a soup and a risotto. The porcini mushrooms and potatoes It is a rich recipe, fragrant and very simple to prepare, and is an important dish, Having regard to the presence of mushrooms, also to make it clear to visitors the care you have put into preparing lunch. Even in this case, you can prepare the soup the day before, freeing up energy for the evening party.

Mushroom soup and potatoes

In my opinion, it is impossible for solemn occasions and major holidays do not prepare a risotto: the risotto is refined, elegant and beautiful to see. It lends itself to endless variations and interpretations and I I will propose a delightful and unique, a risotto with Robiola cheese and served with a cream of pumpkin. Obviously, It is a dish to prepare espresso, the only one that you will find in this Christmas menu, because to make a good risotto we have to concentrate and have a little’ of time available.

Risotto with robiola cheese with pumpkin cream

The second dish is what I call a rustic-chic flat: Pallotte Cheese And Eggs, namely Abruzzo egg patties and cheese cooked in tomato. They are a triumph of taste, of flavor and goodness. The pallotte are the dish sfizioso, that second dish that you eat always, despite the calories. And they prepare in advance.

Pallotte cient and where

Obviously, if you want to accompany the second with a fresh salad, I suggest a wonderful off the menu: Sicilian salad of fennel and oranges. Perfect always.

Sicilian orange and fennel salad

We come to desserts: to the delight of your palate I chose a sweet cool spoon, Lightweight, fragrant and one of the most delicious and satisfying. We begin with the Frost Cinnamon, garnished by a rain of pistachio nuts and dried fruit. Prepare it the day before to taste all the flavors of this essential and evocative sweet.

Cinnamon Frost

Then, the pavlova with chestnut cream, persimmon sauce and dark chocolate. An explosion of flavor: crisp meringue, tasty and soft cream and the vanilla taste of persimmon. I love this cake.

Pavlova autumn with chestnut cream and persimmon sauce

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Daniela 21 December 2018 - 12:57

Thank eg rice recipe to Robiola with pumpkin cream and also for all altre.Buone Celebrations

Ada Parisi 21 December 2018 - 14:59

Daniela thank you for your trust. Happy holidays to you and your entire family. A warm greeting, ADA

elisabetta 12 December 2018 - 08:59

A super delicious menu a good starting point for the Holidays
A big kiss


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