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Pork loin with milk and rosemary potatoes

Recipe for a very simple main course, with video recipe

by Ada Parisi
5 min read
Lonza di maiale al latte

How to make pork loin or pork loin with milk at home

Pork loin or pork loin in milk: How to make it at home in minutes. If you are a pork lover, This is your recipe. Milk pork loin is a second course of meat perfect for Sunday lunch or for special occasions. A Very easy dish to prepare, Saber, elegant table ready and is great even the next day, Although it is unlikely that further. Pork loin in milk is One of the simplest and most traditional meat main courses in Italian cuisine also thanks to its speed of execution. The meat remains soft and juicy and the sauce is delicious.

The video recipe of the pork arista with milk

On my YouTube channel also find the VIDEO RECIPE step by step to a perfect result, with a soft flesh and a delicious sauce. In my opinion the election boundary for this rich meat dish is boiled potatoes and wipe with a little’ butter, pepper and more Rosemary. Or the simple baked potatoes.

If you want, you can add to the pork loin with milk in cooking some vegetables, such as celery and carrots, and then blend them together with the sauce, but I prefer to prepare this dish as my grandmother did: you will see that it has a much more delicate taste and detail.

Milk pork arista is a beginner-proof recipe, but it will make you seem like a great chef. If you love pork roast, have a look at all my RECIPES WITH MEAT FROM Pig, as the PORK LOIN WITH QUINCE, the PORK TENDERLOIN WITH PLUMS, the PORK TENDERLOIN STUFFED SICILIAN or the LOIN IN WINE WITH APPLES AND POTATOES. I wish you a good day!

Lonza di maiale al latte

ARTIST OF MILK PORK (easy recipe)

Portions: 4 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
Rating: 5.0/5
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un'arista pork from about 1 kilo

600 ml whole milk

salt and pepper

extra virgin olive oil


40 grams butter

Fresh Rosemary


Pork loin with milk

Before preparing the pork loin with milk, look carefully VIDEO RECIPE stepping on my YouTube channel. First salt the pork arista well on each side. If you didn't have her tied up by the butcher, tied the arista sticking on top of two branches of rosemary. Put into a casserole (I use those natural stone, where can you cook with very little oil and foods do not attack ever, I would strongly advise) the oil and brown you over medium heat the arista from all sides.

When the pork is golden, Add the milk and a generous grinding of fresh pepper. Cover and cook for 40 minutes on low heat. Obviously, if you follow me for some time you know that I recommend you use a food thermometer: the meat is ready when it reaches the temperature of 60 degrees to the heart. During cooking the milk the prognosis and it will form a delicious cream, as you can see in the VIDEO RECIPE. Attention to salt: so far as, tasting while cooking, Milk will seem slightly salted, keep in mind that narrowing then the gravy will be increasingly tasty, so do not overdo it.

To check the cooking meat, after 30 minutes insert a metal or wooden skewer inside the arista. If when you pull me out does not come out of the liquid, then the meat is cooked: inside it must remain moist and juicy, but crush. If at the end of cooking the sauce wasn't enough narrowed and gilded, remove the arista and keep it cooked uncovered: have to get a nice golden color.

For potatoes, wash and boil them in their skins in salted water. Once cooked, Peel and leave to cool. Then put in a pan with butter and brown them well on all sides, until it forms a golden crust. Season with salt and pepper and add the Rosemary. Making the aristote intiepidire, untie and cut it into thin slices but not too (I can do it by hand with a razor-sharp Japanese knife). Serve the milk pork arista with its warm sauce and butter potatoes, garnish the platter with a sprig of fresh rosemary.


MATCHING: Tasty dish and very personable which deserves a sparkling wine. The choice fell on a classic Rosé method of Estates Tasca Conti d'Almerita, made with grapes Pinot Noir. Tasca D'almerita Wines Rosé It is a very fine perlage brut, scents of red fruits, fresh and stylish.

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Prashant July 9, 2015 - 12:49

I wanted to post the same comment on the other site but I was possible.. MAH..
However it is not necessary to post my previous comment, just as a lover of food and almost Cook and with a passion for inventing new ones bothers me to see the same recipe in different sites.
Is… by brianzolo lover of Sicily transplanted in the Philippines I naturally believe you, Sicily showing eyes, not a hand holding a frozen Margarita.
are probably the only in this faraway country that prepares qusasi every Sunday, arancini(and), sardines beccafico etc.
If you want to have a look on trip advisor at the Moon Beach Resort. With sympathy
Giovanni Pietro “Prashant” Brambilla (Oh yes, Unfortunately…)

Ada Parisi July 11, 2015 - 14:36

Hi John, There is no need to further explore the issue and because my prescription is arista for at least one year earlier than the blog you cite, and because not ever a recipe I would copy any (let alone an arista to milk that simple embarrassing). Rather, I find it much more interested your being an energetic man who loves to Sicily and lives in the Philippines. How to prepare arancini? And then, are you a chef or just a fan of the kitchen? Curious again on Tripadvisor… you're the first Bani in the flesh I know, even if only virtually. See you soon, ADA

Marty February 18, 2014 - 20:08

well.. I will try to do it tomorrow…We hope to be fine since I have guests!!

Sicilians creative in the kitchen February 18, 2014 - 22:08

The important thing is to cook the pork the right weight (considers that, over Browning which must be done well and from all sides, 30 minutes per pound of weight should cook about) and then remove it and, If it serves, do restrict the sauce until you reach the desired consistency. Is’ a recipe very easy. Use whole milk because it coagulates better and not to put too. Best little too. Let me know, ADA


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