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The Sicilian eggplant caponata

Original recipe with video recipe

by Ada Parisi
5 min read
La caponata siciliana di melanzane, ricetta originale

Introducing ' her Majesty’ the Sicilian caponata of eggplant: the caponata is one of the typical sicilian cuisine par excellence, but there are countless variants served on the boards of the island. Obviously, on my You Tube Channel you will also find the VIDEO RECEIVE STEP BY STEP. More or less vinegar, with or without pine nuts, There are those who will put us even the peppers. Vegetarian dish but rich and unique flavor, eggplant caponata is characterized dall'agrodolce. This is the variant of my family, the only one I really satisfies, so much so that I don't ever order restaurant caponata because rest invariably disappointed.

Tips for a perfect Sicilian eggplant caponata

The eggplant caponata is a Starter respectfully, but if you want to use it as rich outline it's ideal with cutlets, meat or fish, But even with a simple straightforward swordfish, Grilled. I only recommend that you enjoy the aubergine caponata strictly cold, never hot or even warm. You can use red wine vinegar, as per Sicilian tradition or apples that is a bit’ more delicate, especially if you're not used to the sweet and sour sauce. Yet, I was advised of the possibility of blanch the celery before proceeding with the recipe. I do not do it because to prepare the caponata of eggplant I use only the heart of celery, tender. It has also been reported the use of tomato paste diluted with lukewarm water in place of the tomato pulp, take your pick.

Is’ instead a variant 'heretical', and therefore it can not be defined eggplant caponata to Palermo, one that also adds potatoes and / or peppers. Take a look also to all my SICILIAN RECIPES and of course all my RECIPES WITH EGGPLANT. Have a good day!

La caponata siciliana di melanzane, ricetta originale


Portions: 4 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
Rating: 4.3/5
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2 black oval eggplants (durona nera di palermo) or violette messinesi not large

green olives in brine, to taste

1 red onion, instead of Tropea

a handful of capers

3 sticks of celery (only the heart, the more tender ribs)

400 grams of chopped tomatoes

extra virgin olive oil, to taste

salt to taste

peanut oil for frying, to taste

50 ml red wine vinegar or Apple crisp

2 tablespoons of sugar


First of all, look closely at the video step by step recipe. To prepare the eggplant caponata must first wash the eggplants and remove the final part and the initial. Cut the eggplant into slices about one centimeter wide and a half and then dice of about one centimeter. Put the eggplant in a colander, season with salt and cover, putting a burden on the lid in order to exert pressure on Eggplant: Let stand at least 2 hours. Like this, eggplants will lose some of the vegetation water and absorb less oil in frying.

Squeeze the eggplant and fry in peanut oil (or light olive, If you prefer) over medium heat, taking care to turn them every now and then: When the eggplants are golden, put them on absorbent paper to eliminate excess oil.

The Sicilian eggplant caponata, original recipe

Slice the onion into pieces about half a centimeter celery, after having eliminated all filamentous parts. Put celery and onion in a pan with extra virgin olive oil and two tablespoons of water (so the vegetables do not burn) and Cook, over medium heat, until onions and celery will not become translucent (It will take about 10 minutes). Cut the olives into slices by eliminating the core. Unsasing capers under running water. Add the olives and capers to the sauce celery and onion, simmer two minutes and finally add the tomato. Season with salt. Cook the sauce for the caponata for 10 minutes.

Pour the vinegar and sugar into a glass and mix well so that the latter melts completely: raise the heat in the vegetables and pour the sweetened vinegar into it. Leave deglaze (you will no longer have to feel the pungent aroma of vinegar) and add the fried eggplant.

Mix the Eggplant with tomato sauce, Cook for 2 minutes, then pour the eggplant caponata in a dish and let cool: remember that the eggplant caponata is used at room temperature or cold (but don't eat it just taken off the fridge). And I recommend (Indeed, I would say you must) to prepare the eggplant caponata to Palermo with one day in advance, so that vegetables and vinegar have time to get acquainted. Have a good day!


Remember that the caponata must NEVER be eaten hot and that all those restaurants, unfortunately also Sicilian, ve that the warm before serving mistaken. Taste it at room temperature and you have my blessing.

MATCHING: For this contour, which is more than a contour (rich, full-bodied, with the fried eggplant) we chose a Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio DOC rosé (Gelsorosa) produced by Cantine Villa Dora, in Terzigno, in the province of Naples. A fresh wine, with intense aromas of red fruits. We suggest a wine where the caponata not prevail vinegar taste. Otherwise, the alternative could be a beer of the pils type.

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Nica Bianchi 19 July 2023 - 13:50

I often make your capinata and also your other recipes, such as pistachio parfait and donut with berries. A real success. Thank you for your sharing.

Ada Parisi 19 July 2023 - 16:52

Thanks, you make me happy! Good summer! ADA

Daniela July 1st, 2021 - 19:08

Thank you very much…

Salvatore 3 August 2019 - 03:56

Brava, finally the one true recipe for Capnata Palermitana. My mom made her so and I do it strictly following the same recipe.
I have seen many variations on the internet that add peppers potatoes etc etc, not for me.
I found a recipe in a very old book in which you add the raisin. I have never tried, What do you think.

Ada Parisi 3 August 2019 - 11:51

Hello Savior, Thank you very much. This recipe is from my great grandmother, Palermo Doc. I tried once to put raisins and pine nuts, that are present in some variants, but it seems to me that there is an excess of sweetness. The thing, however, depends entirely on your taste, then you can safely try. A warm greeting, ADA

Paola 19 July 2019 - 15:37

I feel compelled to thank. delicious Caponata, we brushed!

Ada Parisi 21 July 2019 - 11:15

It is I who thank you for telling me, I am very pleased, eggplant caponata is a family recipe that I care very much. A warm greeting. ADA

Jaime canlas May 18, 2017 - 09:59

ADA Hi, I've come in abundance; can I freeze it?

Ada Parisi May 18, 2017 - 11:07

Hello Silvia. You certainly. With foresights: surgelala in airtight jars, keep in freezer up to 2 weeks and decongelala from the night before putting the jar in the refrigerator. A warm greeting, ADA

Mirella August 29, 2013 - 10:21

There is an alternative to frying the Eggplant caponata will alter the outcome of the baked kind thank you mirella

Sicilians creative in the kitchen August 29, 2013 - 23:45

Hi Mirella, It is clear that you can try the Baked Eggplant, at maximum temperature, in a slightly greased with oil, putting the salt after cooking. I have never tried this procedure and I can't guarantee the result. The caponata, The Eggplant fried goes because frying causes caramelization of sugars, phenomenon that gives the taste sweet and just the right consistency to Eggplant. The mellow flavor of caponata is due precisely to this. In any case, se ti dovesse venire buona al forno, Let me know… saluti. ADA

jana 2 March 2013 - 15:25

I just finished eating it. It was really delicious, on the top I put a bit of parmiggiano….thanks for great recipe:-):-):-)

fratelli_ai_fornelli 2 March 2013 - 15:28

It’ a great news for me!! I’m really happy that you have made my recipe and that you liked!!! I never tried with parmigiano but I think it’s a good idea. Thanks for sharing this with me! ADA

anne dewandeleer 25 February 2013 - 15:34

Thank you so much for yet another version of “Caponata”
May I make a little remark: you propebly mean 1&1/2 cm., or one & a half cm. Coarse is more like 1&1/2 cm.
Fine 1/2 cm. Hope you don’t mind me saying this.
I love Italian food, have plenty of cook books.
Like your blog too. Congratulations & keep on cooking. Greetings, Annie

fratelli_ai_fornelli 25 February 2013 - 15:40

Hallo! Of course there is a mistake in the automatic translation…You have to obtain some touches of eggplant about an inch or an inch and a half on each side, just like the photo. Like some cubes that you have to fry…Thanks for your visit, I hope to see you again!!!

Serena 22 February 2013 - 18:29

Ciao ragazzi, ho visto la foto su foodlookers e sono venuta a trovarvi. Splendido blog e ricette interessanti, poi siete siciliani quindi non potevate non proporre un’ottima caponata! Have a good evening,

fratelli_ai_fornelli 22 February 2013 - 18:32

Thanks!!! Ricambiamo la visita sia per gli sfizi sia, especially, for defects!!! A warm greeting

Maurizia February 20, 2013 - 21:54

The Ratatouille and’ very good : now I also have the recipe ! Unproven !

fratelli_ai_fornelli February 20, 2013 - 22:01

Test test and tell me, You'll see that then we'll catch her taste and you too will vary according to your taste. Dear greetings

conunpocodizucchero.it February 20, 2013 - 16:50

the Sicilian grandmother ale puts us even raisins. Is’ his invention or is there any truth to this addition?

fratelli_ai_fornelli February 20, 2013 - 16:55

As I write in the post is one of countless variants. In my opinion there should be (and also in the opinion of renowned chef) but the beauty of cooking is that you do it as best as you like, so viva raisins!!!

Manuela February 20, 2013 - 14:32

Congrats on your wonderful blog, I find it very pleasant and rich….
the articles are all interesting and engaging and amazing photos.
I will often, with extreme pleasure to look!!

fratelli_ai_fornelli February 20, 2013 - 14:36

But thanks!!! For photos around the compliments to my partner, I am denied…Is’ a pleasure to join your community…a warm hug, our Sicily, beloved.


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