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Prosciutto di Modena Dop, that's why use it in the kitchen

by Ada Parisi
5 min read

As I already mentioned a week ago, I come retreats nutritional balance of salami. Also as part of the project to develop these foods promoted by Isit and to which we are called to collaborate. In the post last Saturday, You can read here, We already talked about the reduction in the salt content in sausages, the decrease in the lipid content and the increase of proteins.


Today I add only that in less than twenty years the meats have increased the content in B vitamins, including vitamin B6 and vitamin B12, and one in minerals, especially the potassium: different sausages, with a 50 gram portion, They cover more than 15% of potassium daily requirement of an adult.

In the recipe that I propose today I used the ham of Modena PDO, a product from sweet and not salty taste, aged for at least 14 months, in its classical pear shape and with a weight never less than 7 kg, I paired with a potato and radicchio, a split pea soup and the baked figs to celebrate one of the pairs most classic of Italian culinary tradition: figs and prosciutto.

For one hundred grams, the raw Modena contains 30,2 grams of protein and just 201 calories. This makes it a balanced meal when paired with a carbohydrate and vegetables as we have done with this recipe.

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