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A few words about sausages, in order to allow fusilloni salami of Varzi…

by Ada Parisi
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Salami, Ham, mortadella, Speck. There are many Italian cured meat products, food excellence that have become the face of made in Italy in the world. Just think of the ham, called ' ham’ everywhere, untranslatable Word, in which you recognize one of the peaks of norcineria nostrana. That you are reading is the first of two short posts dedicated to made in Italy food and, in the present case, with salami. The opportunity I was offered by Isit, the istituto salumi italiani protected, who called us to cooperate in a campaign of promotion and enhancement of PDO and Pgi Salami.

As I have said many times, the made in Italy food is one of the jewels of the Italian economy in the world and I feel, in my humble role of ' cuciniera on line ', on the one hand, the pride of being able to use the best Italian products in my dishes, on the other the responsibility to offer dishes with a proper nutritional balance, with natural ingredients, with products of great renown but also little known, that contribute to the success of Italian food. None, I guess, will have no objection with respect to the goodness of meats: from small butter sandwich with salami or escutcheon with white pizza with ham or mortadella were most delicious snacks that I could imagine. The meats are good, Indeed yummy. Is’ true, though, that nutritionally may arise some questions and still many people think that the meats should be eaten very cautiously because of an excessive content of fat and, especially with salt. Not everyone knows, though, Italian deli meat industry in recent decades has had a long and fruitful work on the nutrients of its products.

According to a study by Inran (the food and Nutrition Research Institute) in 2011, to which cooperated Isit and Ivsi, (Istituto Valorizzazione dei Salumi Italiani), compared to 1993 salami decreased lipid content in some cases up to 50%. Significantly decrease the components of saturated fats, up to 40%, and salt, whose level declined from 4% up to 45%, Depending on the products. Is’ instead increased the level of ' good ' fats, unsaturated ones, went from 30% to 60% of total fat. In short, in modern meats are recorded, compared with just 18 years ago, significant decreases in cholesterol and protein growth content: which results in fewer calories than ever before.

All this to say that a piece of salami, and then to proteins and fats, When combined with carbohydrates, fibers, vitamins, namely fruits and vegetables, become a healthy and balanced meal, especially in a world of racing, When time for lunch at work is really reduced. Now, while trying to make you understand that a rosette with prosciutto and grilled Eggplant is a balanced meal, of course I tried to propose a sausage dish that was Yes balanced, But even a little’ different, gourmet. The dish that I propose are fusilloni pumpkin sauce, porcini mushrooms and salame di Varzi. A few words about this cured meat and leave you to the recipe. This is a PDO product originating in Oltrepo Pavese, whose origins date back even to the Lombards. Is’ a truly special Minced pork meat, Salt, Pepper corns, spices and an infusion of garlic into wine. When I lived in Milan I went specifically to Varzi to buy it and I was happy to be able to make a dish with this product taste sweet and delicately aromatic, rich in proteins and minerals, I paired with the pumpkin pulp carbohydrate and vitamins and mushrooms.

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