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Zucchini flower pancakes

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by Ada Parisi
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Frittelle di fiori di zucca

Have you ever tasted zucchini flower pancakes? In Naples they are called “Sciurilli pancakes” and prepare them by making a batter with flour, sparkling water or beer and eggs. But I leave you the family recipe, without batter. In my opinion zucchini flowers in this way feel much more, because there is less flour in the dough. Zucchini flower pancakes can be a delicious appetizer, A hearty side dish but also a finger food for an aperitif.

I don't know if my zucchini flower pancake recipe is Sicilian or not: We have always done it this way, but it's a grandmother's recipe or maybe great-grandmother's, handed down to me. And I leave it to you. Actually, as often happens for pancake recipes (for example the famous SICILIAN PANCAKES OF NEWBORN, or whitebait or SQUID MEATBALLS), the doses are a bit’ a feeling. I tried to weigh all the ingredients to be more precise, but of course It is important to understand the consistency of the dough: it must be dense enough to be collected by spoonfuls and, once put in the pan, remain consistent.

How to make perfect zucchini flower pancakes

My grandmother didn't put yeast in the dough of the zucchini flower pancakes. Today, though, there is the Instant brewer's yeast: if you put a level teaspoon (About 5 grams, equal to one third of a sachet, which weighs 16 grams whole), the pancakes will be more puffy and fluffy and you will not have to wait for the leavening time, since it's instantaneous. I recommend, Attention to the oil temperature: must be 160 degrees, otherwise the pancakes will cook too quickly outside and will remain a while’ raw inside.

mine personal variation to this family recipe is the’Add a pinch of grated lemon zest to the dough. For me it gives the zucchini flower pancakes a fresh and original aroma, but of course you can safely omit it. If you love zucchini flowers, try those too BAKED CHEESE AND ANCHOVY FILLINGSIs, the SPAGHETTI WITH PUNTARELLE, ANCHOVIES AND ZUCCHINI FLOWERS, the ZUCCHINI FLOWER PIZZA, STRACCHINO AND ANCHOVIES he ANCHOVY ROLLS AND ZUCCHINI FLOWERS. And now I wish you good day!

Frittelle di fiori di zucca


Portions: 4 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
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25 fresh zucchini flowers

100 grams of double zero flour

3 whole eggs

50 grams of grated Pecorino Dop and Parmigiano Reggiano Dop

salt and freshly ground black pepper

5 grams of baking powder for savory pies

a pinch of lemon zest grated organic (Optional)

olive oil or peanut or sunflower oil high oleic for frying


The pancakes with zucchini flowers are really easy to prepare. First rinse the zucchini flowers under running water and then dry them by dabbing them with a soft cloth. Now clean the zucchini flowers. I like the stem, but I hair it with a knife and then I do it in small pieces. I eliminate the green growths around the pumpkin flower goblet, then by hand divide the flowers into strips eliminating the central pistil.

At this point, Beat the eggs in a large bowl. Add salt and pepper, grated cheeses, instant yeast and finally zucchini flowers. Stir so that the zucchini flowers are completely soaked in egg. Then add the grated lemon zest and flour. Stir with a spoon until the mixture is thick and homogeneous. If it seems too liquid, you can add another tablespoon flour. It is important that the compound is dense so that, when you pour it into spoonfuls in a pan, does not spread and gives life to pancakes of regular shape and well swollen.

Once the dough has been prepared, It is not necessary to wait for leavening because the yeast acts instantly. I recommend, though, to stir thoroughly and repeatedly the mixture before pouring each pancake into the pan, because flour always tends to settle on the bottom.

Heat the oil in a pan with high edges. I use olive oil, but you can also use peanut oil or high oleic sunflower oil. When the oil is hot, Pour the mixture into spoonfuls in a pan: A heaped spoon is enough for a pancake. Do not cook too many pancakes at the same time because otherwise the oil will lose temperature and you will get greasy pancakes.

Cook the zucchini flower pancakes over medium heat until golden brown, turning them halfway through cooking. The pancakes should be golden and slightly crispy outside and soft inside but well cooked. Stick a toothpick inside. Once pulled out it must not have traces of dough. Put the pancakes on a sheet of absorbent paper and serve immediately once the frying operations are completed. They are good warm! Bon appétit!

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