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Coffee drowned ice cream

The most popular end of meal in summer

by Ada Parisi
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Gelato affogato al caffè

Coffee drowned ice cream, today's recipe is more of an inspiration than a real recipe. Only 3 ingredients: coffee ice cream, espresso and bitter cocoa. Obviously, though, the fundamental ingredient of the drowned is the ice cream: you can do it at home or buy it ready-made in an excellent artisan ice cream parlour. If you want to make coffee ice cream at home, recommended, i'll give you two alternatives: the semifreddo al caffè, as good as the one bought in ice cream parlour (Indeed, more). Or the quick coffee ice cream, prepared with an' trick’ that makes it very quick to do. I prepared the semifreddo: in the family we are addicted to it and I don't buy it anymore, i'd rather do it at home. On my Instagram profile you will also find a very short video tutorial on how to compose and serve the perfect coffee drowned ice cream.

Drowned ice cream, how to do it and the ingredients

Drowned ice cream is one of the easiest desserts to make, as many as you decide to buy ice cream. You can choose from dozens of flavors and combinations. Coffee ice cream drowned in coffee is perhaps the most classic choice, but bitter coffee goes very well even with chocolate or hazelnut ice cream. And also cream. The process is always the same. Nothing changes.

You can also change the ‘liquid‘ with which to drown ice cream: instead of coffee you can use hot chocolate use, fruit syrups, salted caramel, crème anglaise. The liquid should be poured over the ice cream not boiling but lukewarm. The right temperature to soften the ice cream without melting it.

Then you can garnish ice cream with cocoa powder, cinnamon, crumbled meringues, panna montata, Granola, dried fruit or fresh fruit in small pieces. In short, the drowned ice cream is like a blank canvas on which to paint your perfect dessert.

Coffee drowned ice cream: two alternatives

If you prefer to make ice cream at home, i'll give you two alternatives: excellent both, even if they don't lead to the same result. The scoffee hemifreddo it's intense, cremosissimo, perfect consistency: you have to prepare the Italian meringue, the custard, coffee syrup and whipped cream. It is a professional and balanced recipe: you'll have to struggle a little bit me the result will be perfect. The quick coffee ice cream it is prepared instead with mascarpone (or condensed milk), cream, sugar and coffee: i use it often to stuff ice cream cookies and it's delicious, but not so creamy (unlike the semifreddo this form of ice crystals) and slightly fatter on the palate.

Also Take a look at all my ice cream and semifreddo recipes. Good summer!

Gelato affogato al caffè


Portions: 4 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
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500 grams of homemade coffee ice cream (if you want to do it at home try the recipe of the Parfait or that of the quick ice cream)

4 cups of espresso made with moka

unsweetened cocoa powder


Coffee drowned ice cream

If you have purchased homemade ice cream or prepared ice cream at home, to make an excellent ice cream drowned in coffee you have to follow only a few small precautions.

Put the cups in which you will serve the ice cream in the freezer an hour in advance, so that they are well cold.

Use an ice cream portioner and equip yourself with a glass with slightly warm water to get perfect ice cream balls.

Make coffee with Moka and let it get lukewarm before pouring it over the ice cream, otherwise the ice cream will melt mercilessly. Coffee must be strictly bitter.

That being said, you just have to put in the cup the amount of ice cream you want, poured over the warm coffee (not cold and not hot) and sprinkle the drowned ice cream with bitter cocoa powder. the taste of bitter chocolate enhances the taste of coffee, seeing is believing.

Serve immediately. Bon appétit!

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