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Biscuits ugly but good hazelnut: gluten-free and lactose-free, easy recipe

Biscuits ugly but good hazelnut

Biscuits ugly but good hazelnut: similar to meringues, gluten-free and lactose-free, recipe easy with only 4 ingredients.
Variation of Sicilian cannolo, deconstructed

Variation of Sicilian cannolo

Variation of Sicilian cannolo: same ingredients as the signature recipe of Sicilian pastry, but presentation to the plate. easy Recipe

Orange bread

Doughnuts with orange, Orange fluffy cakes, plum cake with orange… These days it is the triumph of citrus fruits, or because they are…

Spiced Chocolate risotto

Here is the risotto which I prepared in Novara at Expo Rice 2014: spicy risotto with dark chocolate with dried fruit…

Sicilian cannoli with chocolate

I say at once that these are my first cannoli (I know, It is unforgivable) and when I've got…

The Sicilian cassata

Finally here is the recipe of the Sicilian cassata. I had a little’ of fear to prepare this cake, the king of pastry…