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The Sicilian cannoli, original recipe

One of the most famous Sicilian desserts in the world

by Ada Parisi
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I cannoli siciliani, ricetta siciliana originale dei dolci tipici siciliani

How to make Sicilian cannoli at home in the original recipe

How to make homemade Sicilian cannoli in their original recipe. If the cassata is the queen of the Sicilian pastry, the cannoli They are definitely the kings of what, in the world, It is considered one of the richest cuisines, varied and tasty ever. The Cannoli, who have Numerous variants depending on the geographical area, They are a must on the table every Sunday, at Christmas, at Easter and on every holiday. The Sicilian cannoli are among the most popular typical Sicilian desserts.the. Finally I also shot the VIDEO RECIPE STEP BY STEP so here's the recipe for this cake that is also included among the Pat, the traditional food products of Sicily Region. And on my Instagram profile you will find a short 30-second net video in which I celebrate the poetry of Sicilian cannoli.

Cannoli: How to prepare them at home and the variations

Like so many Sicilian recipes, by Sicilian arancini the Cassata, through buns, Rice pancakes, pasta alla Norma, even Cannoli meet numerous local variations. In detail, the Cannoli, that the story wants to be born in Caltanissetta during the Arab domination) They are composed of a rind and a cream made from sheep's milk ricotta, but really the variations are endless.

The peel Sicilian cannoli (Peel or Scooks in Sicilian) is a Fried waffle and can be more or less dark, depending on whether there is contained cocoa powder or coffee or less. In Messina, For example,, the rind is very clear, because it is made without cocoa or coffee and I will leave just the recipe Messina zest.

To try absolutely also the CANNOLI MESSINESI WITH CHOCOLATE CREAM and the CANNOLI WITH PISTACHIO CREAM, of Catania origin. And if you are a gourmet, Don't miss the VARIATION OF SICILIAN CANNOLI to plate.

The ingredients to make real Sicilian cannoli at home

Here you will find the VIDEO RECIPE STEP BY STEP to prepare perfect Sicilian cannoli. It is essential to lard, the wine MARSALA and a little’ by vinegar of wine: all three are used to form those in cooking boils that make the rind of the cannoli so crumbly and light. In addition to Marsala, or instead of Marsala, often adds a little’ by white wine in the dough, which must be compact and elastic. After a rest, the dough is then stretched thin, we are talking about millimeters, Wrapped in Rods (a real time river reeds, today stainless steel rods) and fried, once in lard, Today you can also use peanut oil.

The filled with these typical Sicilian sweets is based on SHEEP'S COTTAGE CHEESE (some use the ricotta cheese when that sheep is not available) and sugar. The ricotta cream can be enriched with pieces of candied fruit (orange or pumpkin) or with a little’ by cinnamon (I do not put) or chocolate chips. Although you can now find cannoli filled with chocolate cream, Pistachio, custard. The exterior of the Cannoli, that originally were preparing for Carnival, It is garnished with icing sugar on the rind and candied orange or cherry fruit or hazelnuts, pistachios chopped or chocolate flaked fondant on ricotta cheese.

Homemade Sicilian cannoli: The trick you absolutely must know

It is essential to stuff the Sicilian cannoli in their original recipe with ricotta cream only at the time of serving them, otherwise the moisture of the ricotta make springs zest. For years, the so-called 'Travel cannoli', with the zest brushed inside with dark chocolate to preserve it from the moisture of the ricotta. If you have to travel you have no choice, but if you prepare them even do not try this at home: the taste of Sicilian cannoli is completely altered from that of chocolate. I recommend, if you prepare them for Carnival take a look at all my CARNIVAL RECIPES, and have a good day!

I cannoli siciliani, ricetta siciliana originale dei dolci tipici siciliani


Portions: 10 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
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250 grams of double-zero type flour

60 milliliters of dry Marsala (or white wine)

a teaspoon of vinegar

40 g lard

a pinch of salt

a teaspoon of cocoa powder satin (if you want a darker rind)

35 grams of sugar

40 grams of egg yolks (2 large eggs yolks but pesateli)

grated rind of one lemon organic

peanut oil, or lard, for frying

lard to grease the steel rods

little egg white to seal the rind of the cannoli


1 kilo of ricotta cheese

350 grams of extra fine icing or granulated sugar

cinnamon (Optional)


hazelnuts or pistachios

dark chocolate flakes

candied orange


steel rods for Sicilian cannoli

kitchen thermometer

a pocket bag


Before preparing cannoli look carefully VIDEO RECIPE STEP BY STEP I made for you. I recommend, if the cottage cheese was too watery, i suggest you let her drain in a colander for a couple of hours in the refrigerator. Then, the ricotta with a spatula and add sugar. If the ricotta is the right one, creamy, You will not need to sift because it easily reduce cream.

If, however, you saw lumps, then you'll have to sift the ricotta with a fine meshed strainer to obtain a velvety cream. Cover the cream cheese (which if you want you can add a pinch of cinnamon and a few finely chopped candied) with food film and store in the refrigerator until it is used.

For the zest of Sicilian cannoli: pour the flour on the work surface, sugar, Salt, the yolks and lard. Mix with your fingertips until the mixture is blasted mixture composed of crumbs. Add the Marsala with the wine vinegar and grated lemon zest. Continue to knead for a long time, until you have a smooth dough, compact, homogeneous, as you see in VIDEO RECIPE STEP BY STEP. Wrap the dough for the zest of Sicilian cannoli in plastic wrap and let stand in the refrigerator for two hours.

After resting in a refrigerator, you will see that the dough will have become elastic and smooth. At this point, take a small part of the dough and spread it with the rolling pin (or with the sheeter) to a thickness of 2 mm at the most. The sheet must be stretched very thin otherwise it will not form bubbles in cooking and, swelling, It will become too thick. Grease of lard barrels. Place the barrel on the pastry and, with a wheel, draw an oval of about 10-12 centimeters in diameter (as you see in VIDEO RECIPE).

Brush a little egg white on one end of the dough, then overlap the flaps so that the one without the albumen rests on the steel barrel. Pressing slightly overlapped edges so that the cannoli in cooking do not open. I suggest not to prepare cannoli and then fry, but to fry them as you prepare them because if the pasta waiting dries, the bubbles will not grow properly.

Fry the cannoli in peanut seed oil at 165-170 degrees (use the indispensable kitchen thermometer): you will see that the bubbles will immediately form, as in VIDEO RECIPE. When the cannoli are golden (it will take a few seconds), turn them over and then remove them from the oil using a perforated ladle. Drain the excess oil zest and place on the absorbent paper. When they have cooled peel, remove the canes making a slight twist: this is a delicate phase, because if the peels are done well, They are fragile and very light, so excessive pressure may break. Remember to grease the rods again with lard before preparing new peel.

Stuff the cannoli with ricotta cream, using a pocket bag without tip, a moment before bringing the cannoli in table (I bring everything i need to the table, both the ricotta and the various seals, farcisco cannoli, I garnish them and serve them to my guests, I assure you that they will rarely forget the experience), sprinkle the zest of Sicilian cannoli with icing sugar, then garnish the cream cheese as Favorite: chopped nuts, candied fruit or chocolate chips. Bon appétit!

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Marina Maclean February 11, 2024 - 13:26

From the deep north where I live, I finally threw myself into YOUR cannoli, that I hadn't had the courage to do for months because I thought it wasn't within my reach. And yet they turned out very well, They were delicious and beautiful too..
Always grateful for your exhaustive explanations, for video and sharing.
Today a piece of Sicily sat down at the table in Piedmont. THANK YOU ADA
Marina Maclean

Ada Parisi February 12, 2024 - 10:57

Hello Marina! Thank you for your trust! I know that when I say that a recipe is easy to make, many people don't trust it, But I never lie! Just try and put in a little bit of effort: There's nothing you can't do or learn! A dear greeting! ADA

Loredana October 1, 2022 - 18:10

CIao Ada, I can ask you if the eggs are necessary and possibly how to replace them? Thanks!

Ada Parisi 3 October 2022 - 21:31

Hello Lara, you are needed. Honestly being a fried dough and not baked I would not know how to replace it. I don't feel like telling you something without having tried before...

alessandro Priano 25 January 2019 - 18:13

How wonderful !!!…Thanks Ada.
un saluto da alessandro 🙂

Ada Parisi 26 January 2019 - 23:55

Thank you always! Appearance an opinion! ADA

Paola Damiani 25 January 2019 - 14:26

Practically perfect. How like me. Santa do you. Immediately.

Ada Parisi 26 January 2019 - 23:56

I butterebbero out of heaven in five minutes. But thanks ❤️

elisabetta corbetta 25 January 2019 - 08:50

I love them are sweet favorite
A big kiss

Ada Parisi 26 January 2019 - 23:56

On this you are in good company! One kiss, ADA


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