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Frost Sicilian lemon

Frost Sicilian lemon, the alternative made in Sicily to trivial sorbet, almost always produced industrially, serving anywhere. Let's do the…
The Sicilian cotognata

The Quince jelly

quince Time: here is the original recipe of the Sicilian cotognata, da mangiare fresca o da lasciare asciugare per conservarla…

Crumbled ricotta and chocolate

Crumbled ricotta and chocolate: easy and delicious sweet, creamy inside and crunchy on the outside. With step by step video recipe
Chocolate and ricotta tart (baked cassata)

Chocolate and ricotta tart

Chocolate and ricotta tart: is a traditional Sicilian cassata cake called also baked. easy and delicious Recipe.
Gelo di fichi d'India, Original Sicilian recipe

Prickly pear jelly India

Frost prickly pear, a dessert spoon to the original typical Sicilian pastries. Fruit gels are easy desserts…