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Apple Pie and custard: the perfect sweet. With video recipe

Apple Pie and custard

Apple Pie and custard, The perfect dessert for every occasion. Easy to prepare, with video recipe…
Tart figs and almonds

Tart figs and almonds

Tart figs and almonds, with jam and caramelized fresh figs. Delicious and easy to prepare. Can't resist pasta…
Light Strawberry tart, little sugar and a lot of taste

Light Strawberry tart

Light Strawberry tart: recipe easy to do, with lots of fresh fruit and a little sugar. Golosa and Light.
Chocolate and ricotta tart (baked cassata)

Chocolate and ricotta tart

Chocolate and ricotta tart: is a traditional Sicilian cassata cake called also baked. easy and delicious Recipe.