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Grape blanket tart (Grape pie)

A crumbly shell encloses a sweet filling

by Ada Parisi
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Crostata coperta all'uva (Grape pie)

Grape blanket tart (the American Grape pie): a sweet simple e buonissimo per portare in tavola tutto il buono dell’uva in un goloso dessert. The guscio croccante della tradizionale dough for pie, without eggs ma con tanto burro, It contains a stuffing Irresistible. This crostata coperta è molto facile da fare, look at the VIDEO RECIPE and you will realize it immediately.

I suggest you to usare una nera o rossa, simply for an aesthetic matter. I used an organic red Crimson grape: crisp and sweet, is seedless (apirene). Another great choice would be strawberry grapes, with such a particular taste: but you have to do a lot of preparatory work, because you have to remove the seeds from each grape.

Seen that l’uva è di stagione, I invite you to read my article GRAPES IN THE KITCHEN, dove troverete tante curiosità e soprattutto tante ricette dolci e salate, from SICILIAN MUSTARD the CRUMBLED STRAWBERRY GRAPES passing through the recipe of the COOKED MUST.

The stuffing cuoce prima in padella con poco burro, sugar, juice and lemon zest, cinnamon and walnuts. Then back in the oven, inside the shortcrust pastry. If you have already tried APPLE PIE (the American apple pie), you will know that the dough for pie is extremely crumbly and delicate to work, but of an exceptional goodness. Se stendere questo dough for pie vi sembrasse problematico, you can fold on a classic short pastry or, for the laziest, for a pasta sfoglia o pasta frolla giù pronta.

Ho decorato la crostata coperta con biscotti a forma di foglie fatti con l’impasto avanzato. And even the cookies were snapped up. This dessert is yummy on its own, but also accompanied by cream ice cream or yogurt cream. Is’ a sweet welcome for the autumn now at the gates. Let me know what you think. Have a good day.

Crostata coperta all'uva (Grape pie)


Portions: 8 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
Rating: 4.5/5
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350 grams of flour 00

215 grams of cold butter

30 grams of caster sugar

60 milliliters of ice water

6 grams of salt

an egg yolk, a little milk and granulated sugar to finish the dessert


1 kg of organic grapes (also strawberry grapes)

the juice and zest of an organic lemon

cinnamon powder

80 grams of caster sugar

30 grams of cornstarch

nuts at will


Grape blanket tart (Grape pie)

The tart covered with grapes is really simple to prepare, but I advise you to make both the filling and the dough for the tart at least a couple of hours in advance, in order to compose the dessert with the ingredients well cold.

For the filling: wash the grapes and remove them from the stalks. If it is a type of seedless grape, it will be enough to cut the larger berries in half and leave the others whole. If you have opted for a type of grape with seeds, you have to remove them all, unexceptional.

Put the butter in a large pan; once melted add the grapes, granulated sugar, cinnamon and bring to a boil. After about 10 minutes, add the zest and lemon juice and the coarsely chopped walnuts. After another 5 minutes or so, turn off the heat and add the sifted cornstarch, stirring quickly. You will see that the cooking liquid of the grapes will immediately thicken. Cornstarch will also prevent the shell of shortcrust pastry from moistening excessively when cooked. Put the filling in a bowl and let it cool completely, better if in the refrigerator.

For pie pasta: put on the work surface the flour and the cold butter cut into cubes. Work until you get a mixture of large crumbs, then add sugar, salt and ice water, floor plan (may not serve all). Knead quickly and, when the dough is well mixed, divide it into two parts, wrap it in plastic wrap and store it in the refrigerator.

Preheat the oven to 170 degrees static Butter and flour a cake pan with high edges, coat the bottom and edges by rolling pin the first half of the dough. You don't have to roll out the dough too thin, both because the filling is quite heavy, both because this dough is difficult to work. Pour the grape filling into the pan, distribute it evenly and cover with the second disc of dough, always rolled out with a rolling pin. Try to seal the edges well by pressing with the prongs of a fork. Finally, make a cross cut in the center of the cake, so that steam can escape.

Mix the yolk and milk in a bowl and brush the cake. Then cover the cake with a little granulated sugar. Cook for about 40 minutes. If the tart becomes too golden, cover the surface of the cake with a sheet of aluminum foil and continue cooking. Remove from the oven and allow to cool before serving. Bon appétit!

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