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My vegetarian Christmas menu 2016

by Ada Parisi
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And here we are at Christmas smash, or to my suggestions for your festive menu. I've prepared four, for all tastes: One vegetarian, I am presenting today, two more traditional (meat and fish) and one for those who love dare. All menus – where you can get ideas for both the Christmas dinner is for new year's Eve – are processed with two entrees, a first course, a second and three desserts: a cake that is common to all menus, my favorite this year, a pudding and ice cream, so you can choose what you prefer and study a menu that's rich, sophisticated but also tasty. Today's menu includes some of the vegetarian dishes that I loved most this year, with an eye to taste and one to the aesthetics, obviously trying to respect the seasonal ingredients (artichokes, turnips, porcini mushrooms, pumpkin). Most of the preparations can be done in advance, so you don't spend the feast day struggled in the kitchen: in this menu at the last moment just fry the mushrooms, reheat the lasagne and prepare poached eggs, for everything else you can arrange in advance. What about, I just hope that you'll find some ideas that may interest you…

Baked beetroot salad with yogurt and nuts

STARTER: baked beetroot salad








Fried mushrooms

STARTER: mushrooms fried with lime yogurt sauce








Lasagne artichokes and saffron

FIRST COURSE: lasagna with artichokes, Saffron and caciocavallo








Roasted pumpkin, mushrooms and eggs poché

MAIN COURSE: Poached egg with Roast Pumpkin and porcini mushrooms







Pistachio cake with ricotta cream and strawberries

SWEETS: Pistachio cake with ricotta cream and strawberries








Chocolate cake with chocolate

Chocolate profiteroles







Chocolate meringue mousse with berries

Berry Meringue Parfait


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