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Sicilian cassata ice cream (Skullcap)

Sicilian cassata ice cream

Sicilian cassata or zucchini ice cream, with cottage cheese, candied and a soft sponge cake soaked in Alchermes: easy…
Coffee semifreddo

Coffee semifreddo

Il dolce perfetto in qualsiasi momento: semifreddo al caffè, cremoso e dal gusto intenso come quello comprato. Ricetta di pasticceria…
Homemade coffee ice cream cookie

Coffee ice cream cookie

Coffee ice cream cookie: a sweet gluttonous and very easy to prepare, with very few ingredients. You can do it with the…

Hazelnut semifreddo

Hazelnut semifreddo: an easy way to achieve the perfect hazelnut ice cream, intense and enveloping taste.

Tangerine Parfait

Tangerine Parfait: no ice cream maker, easy to prepare and with all the bitter taste and the smell of tangerines…

Strawberry mousse, Pistachio and white chocolate daquoise puffs.

Strawberry mousse, daquoise pistachio and layers of chocolate mousse that biancoUna, served well chilled, It's almost an ice cream:…