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Homemade cremino ice cream

With cream and condensed milk, no ice cream maker

by Ada Parisi
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Gelato cremino fatto in casa

Today Homemade cremino ice cream recipe, with cream and condensed milk and without ice cream maker. As good as the originals. And with the VIDEO RECIPE on my YouTube channel. The cremini, together with the legendary walking cones of Sicilian ice cream parlors, have always been my 'walking ice creams'’ Favorites. Especially since both are covered with a dark chocolate shell, crunchy and with an intense taste. Inside the cremini, that are a great classic of the Italian summer, there's a creamy filling based on whipped cream and condensed milk flavored with vanilla. Obviously sugar-free, because condensed milk already contains plenty of it.

In fact, Cremino ice cream is not really an ice cream, since the filling does not follow the rules of the ice cream parlor. And it's not even a parfait. A little’ like the yummy COFFEE BISCUIT ICE CREAM. You don't need to do this, In fact, not even the ice cream maker. Is’ simply mix the whipped cream with the condensed milk and vanilla: I suggest you to use a Bourbon or Tahiti vanilla extract. You need, though, the molds for making popsicles: these I bought on Amazon have exactly the shape of 'old fashioned' cremini. Those of when I was little: Oval, with rounded and larger edges (much larger) of those who do today.

In any case, Since summer is just around the corner, In addition to the homemade ice cream cremino you can indulge yourself by preparing many POPSICLES AND SEMIFREDDO even without ice cream maker. Like the SEMIFREDDO AL CAFFE’, the ZUCCOTTO ICE CREAM WITH SICILIAN CASSATA, the CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM CAKE, the PISTACHIO SEMIFREDDO and that HAZELNUT. In addition to popsicles, fresh and low in calories: come i YOGURT AND FRUIT POPSICLES, those VEGAN WITH COCOA or those, very simple of FRESH FRUIT. And now I wish you good day!

Gelato cremino fatto in casa


Portions: 8 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
Rating: 4.3/5
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250 ml of cream

200 grams of condensed milk

a teaspoon of Bourbon or Tahiti vanilla extract

a pinch of fine salt

300 grams of dark chocolate

silicone stencils for ice cream cremini


Making perfect ice cream cremini at home is very simple. First you have to whip the cream with a pinch of salt: Remember that, to whip the cream easily and well, both cream, both the container (the bowl, better if metal) both whips must be cold. I suggest you put whisks and bowl in the freezer at least 20 minutes before whipping the cream. Do not whip the cream until stiff, I recommend: Stop a little earlier, when it is creamy and thick but not 'flaky'. In this way it will be easier to mix it with condensed milk and you will not have an annoying sensation of fat in your mouth.

Once you have whipped the cream, Add condensed milk and vanilla extract: Stir with a spatula, making a top-down movement, gently, in order not to disassemble the mass. Now you just have to pour the mixture of cream and condensed milk into the molds for ice cream cremini, as you see in VIDEO RECIPE, Put the wooden sticks in and put everything in the freezer overnight. Do not rush, Why the cream must be solid.

The following day, melt the dark chocolate in a bain-marie or microwave and pour it into a narrow, long container. Obviously you will have to slip inside the cremino, as you see in VIDEO RECIPE, So take measurements first. Remove a cremino from the mold and immediately and quickly dip it in melted chocolate. Take it out and let the excess chocolate drip away: you will see that chocolate, in contact with the frozen cremino, will solidify immediately.

Place the cremino on a wire rack, so that the chocolate congeals completely, and then back into the freezer. One recommendation: ice creams should be as cold as possible when you dip them in chocolate, so don't leave them all at room temperature, but take them from the freezer one at a time. Otherwise they will melt.

At this point, You can store homemade ice cream cremini in a frost bag, obviously in the freezer, and consume them within a week at most. Bon appétit!

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