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A cup cremosissima panna cotta with hazelnuts

Panna cotta with hazelnut

Panna cotta with hazelnut: a sweet easy to become original thanks to the intense flavor of hazelnut. It is prepared in 15…
Orange jelly, a classic Sicilian dessert, with the extra touch of candied fennel. easy Recipe.

Sicilian orange jelly

Orange jelly, a sweet Sicilian classic, with the extra touch of candied fennel. easy and light Recipe, perfect…
A slice of coffee cake, three layers of sponge cake with chocolate and a soft coffee cream

Mocha cake chocolate and coffee

Mocha cake chocolate and coffee, without cooking with cream and sponge cake with cocoa. Soft, cremosissima and easy, in…

Autumn pumpkin tiramisu

Pumpkin Tiramisu: perfect for autumn, with a soft cream of pumpkin, amaretti and chocolate. Creamy and easy to prepare
Soup spiced quince

Spiced Quince soup

Spiced Quince soup: a light and easy-to-prepare alternative to classic cotognata or apple jam…