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Vegetarian, picnic or meat? My Easter menu 2017

by Ada Parisi
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I tell you with much honesty: This year I had decided not to do an article with tips for the Easter menu, because there are so many dishes through Italy and many are tastes that I didn't really want to make a summary. But in many you asked me some ideas, any suggestions, and so I tried to win the innate laziness that catches me in the spring and I drew up three small menu. One meat, for those who want the Lamb, One vegetarian, fresh and spring, and one for those on Easter and Easter Monday points to traditional picnic. Notwithstanding that the Paschal lamb meat the protagonist's Italian tradition, I tried to include some’ of items that can not miss on the table like lasagna, in a vegetarian version, fresh pasta (with the Lamb ragu), the pies (with artichokes, Asparagus), the gateau di patate, but also some typical dishes of my Sicily, from frittedda to arancini. Among the desserts, the inevitable chocolate salami, But even Berry tarts, the traditional baked cassata siciliana and cookies, perfect for a trip out of town. In addition to recipes with photos, found in boldface some further alternatives that may be of help. In short, I hope each of you finds a possible inspiration… Happy Easter!

THE MEAT MENU, for those who want the Lamb





















The VEGETARIAN MENU, Spring and all green
























PICNIC MENU, Sicilian style



















Pistachio and white chocolate cookies: munch on biscuits is always fun, especially running through fields and Woods.












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