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Rustic pie of artichokes and ricotta

by Ada Parisi
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Torta rustica di carciofi e ricotta

Rustic pie of artichokes and ricotta. Today a rustic pie easy and tasty, of those that everyone likes, with a vegetable that is now at the end (I am telling you so subliminally you need to prepare this dish with a lot in a hurry!). Is’ a pastry filled with ricotta cheese and artichokes. Artichokes are cut in half and cooked stew for 10 minutes, in order to soften them, so are arranged on ricotta, in baking, inflate, creating a sort of flower on the surface. If you want, you can chop one or two artichokes and mix the ricotta filling, to get a more pronounced flavor. On my YouTube channel you will also find a VIDEO TUTORIAL on how to clean the artichokes to perfection.

The rustic pie artichokes and ricotta cheese is a dish easy, Chic and tasty, ready really real-time, You can accompany with a salad, or you can serve at a buffet or even for a picnic. In short, is a versatile recipe! I hope you like, I liked it a lot and the next day was even more good. And if you like artichokes but prefer a dish or a savory side dish, have a look at all my RECIPES with artichokes or, On the subject of quiches and pies, to my SPECIAL RECIPES QUICHES. Have a good day!

Torta rustica di carciofi e ricotta


Portions: 6 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
Rating: 4.0/5
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a roll of puff pastry ready (If you want to make it at home found the recipe here)

5 artichokes

600 grams of ricotta cheese

2 whole eggs

salt and pepper, to taste

60 grams of grated pecorino cheese Dop

a pinch of nutmeg

fresh mint, to taste (Optional)

extra virgin olive oil, to taste


To prepare the rustic pie artichokes and ricotta cheese, you must first clean the artichokes, by removing the tough outer leaves and the Woody parts of the stalk. Cut artichoke hearts in half, remove the internal barbette and soak them for 15 minutes in cold water, slightly acidulated with lemon juice.

Put a drizzle of oil in a pan and brown the artichokes over high heat for a few minutes, until they are slightly Golden. Add a little water, cover and cook for 10-15 minutes, until they are tender (try skewer).

Meanwhile, Whisk the ricotta with the eggs, pecorino, chopped fresh mint and nutmeg. Add salt and pepper. You will get a smooth and dense.

Preheat oven to 200 degrees. Roll out the pastry in a baking pan lined with parchment paper and make holes on the bottom and sides with the prongs of a fork. Pour into the cake tin, the cream cheese and distribute the artichokes on the surface, putting some pressure on your hands.

Bake the rustic pie artichokes and ricotta cheese and bake for 25-30 minutes, or until the surface of the cake is golden. Allow to cool slightly and serve. Bon appétit!

MATCHING: Try this recipe with a Prosecco Docg superiore, extra dry, that is, with a residual sugar that gives it a slightly sweet. We suggest Cuvée 1926, produced by the company Valdo Spumanti, in Valdobbiadene, with the long charmat method (five months) and then in bottles for 3 months. It is a wine that recalls the date of birth of this historic company in the province of Treviso. Smells of PEAR, Peach and pineapple, with a fine and persistent perlage; serve in glasses a flute at a temperature of about seven degrees.

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ALE April 22, 2015 - 10:47

Good morning dear Ada, your enlightened opinion… Lately I don't appreciate particularly the browse, I'd like to replace it with a brise’ Rustica (mixed with olive oil and dry white wine). What do you think? Obviously, congratulations – discounted – for your wonderful recipes!!!!

Ada Parisi April 22, 2015 - 12:31

Hello Ale! Then, I confess that I am not crazy for the browse, unless it is made in house. What you buy ready don't really relate at all. I am a fanatic of pasta BRISA in egg-free version and version with egg. And of course in this cake looks great. I think you should give her a first firing of 15 minutes before putting the white ricotta, otherwise you will not bake well and doesn't become crispy as it should be. Let me know, I embrace you, ADA


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