Risotto zucchini and shrimp

Risotto zucchini and shrimp

A classic among the classics: risotto zucchini and shrimp, a first traditional dish of Italian seafood cuisine. We could call it a "sea and mountains" recipe, how it went out of fashion in the eighties. Actually, this risotto was born precisely in those years but has then settled permanently at the top of the preferences of the Italians. The recipe is very simple but the secret to a risotto zucchini and shrimp perfect is of course in the ingredients.

Rice, a Carnaroli or a Vialone Nano, Romanesque zucchini (not the dark green ones, watery and often loving) and the shrimp comic to flavor the risotto. The extra touch is the lemon zest, which gives the dish a fresh, citrusy note. As for prawns, personally I prefer pink nassa shrimp, small and sweet, red prawns. But choose what you like the most.

The importance of crustacean comics

The shrimp comic prepares with the heads and carapaces of the crustaceans, that are not the waste part but the tastiest and tastiest, It is essential. Not just to make this risotto, but in any shrimp recipe, SCAMPI, lobster or lobster. They give the dish colour and above all an intense taste of fish, impossible to get any other way. The crustacean comic, also called "bisque", it's easy to prepare, you can freeze and it will be a joker in all your fish-based recipes. I suggest you prepare it every time you buy shrimp or other crustaceans.

If you love the first dishes with shrimp, I suggest you also try the PASTA WITH SHRIMP, CONFIT AND PISTACHIO TOMATOES, or the one with PISTACHIO AND SHRIMP PESTO. On the subject of risottos, my favorites are the RISOTTO CACIO PEPE AND PRAWNS and the RISOTTO WITH PEA CREAM AND RED SHRIMP TARTARE. In short, on the topic first dishes with prawns you have to have fun, even taking a look at all my RECIPES WITH PRAWNS, like the very fast SHRIMP IN SICILIAN PAN. At this point I just have to wish you a good day!

Risotto zucchini and shrimp


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  • 320 grams of Carnaroli or Vialone Nano rice
  • 2 zucchine romanesche
  • 500 grams of pink nassa shrimp
  • extra virgin olive oil, to taste
  • salt and pepper, to taste
  • 50 ml dry white wine
  • little parsley or fresh mint
  • little organic lemon zest, zest
  • a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil
  • shrimp heads and carapaces
  • a bit of shallot
  • a small piece of carrot
  • a piece of celery
  • a bay leaf


The zucchini and shrimp risotto is quick and easy to prepare. Let's start with the shrimp comic. Clean the shrimp by removing the head and carapaces and putting them aside. Remove the string of the intestines from the prawns: you can help yourself with a toothpick.

Toast the shrimp heads in a saucepan in very little extra virgin olive oil, crushing them with a fork so that the moods come out. Join carrot, chopped onion and celery, brown and add the bay and water until the remains of the prawns are abundantly covered. Cover and cook over low heat for at least 30 minutes. Filter the comic so obtained and set aside.

Risotto zucchini and shrimp

Clean the zucchini, cut them into rounds and then into chunks. Toast the rice for a few minutes in a saucepan low and wide in very little extra virgin olive oil, mixing it occasionally. Blend with a little broth and add a drop of dry white wine. When the alcoholic portion of the wine has evaporated, start cooking risotto by gradually adding the prawn comic. Add the balloon whenever the previous dose has dried. About halfway through cooking, season with salt and add the zucchini, that have to stay crispy. When the risotto is ready, creamy but still al dente, add the tassel shrimp: the heat of the risotto will be enough to cook them.

Stir the risotto with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, add finely chopped parsley or mint (I prefer mint, it's fresher and more special) and grated lemon zest. Season the risotto with freshly ground black pepper and serve immediately. Bon appétit!


Risotto zucchini and shrimp
Risotto zucchini and shrimp

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