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Banner fish cutlets with grilled tomatoes

by Ada Parisi
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Your children don't like fish because it has thorns and makes an odd smell? Here is my solution: breaded fish flag, also called a spatula or Sabre, Golden and crisp: all pulp without thorn, with a side of grilled tomatoes Basil scented. Children will remember the most famous ' fish sticks ', but I assure you that these are more good, healthier and also cheaper. And not the frozen foods, but get ready in 5 minutes.

If you like the spatula and want to indulge themselves in this poor fish but tasty, also check out the spatula au gratin or the swivels of spatula .


Portions: 4 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
Rating: 5.0/5
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a spatula to 800 grams or one kilogram, already filleted and divided into pieces of about 8 cm

2 whole eggs

enough flour to bread

stale breadcrumbs as required for Breading

Salt, to taste

peanut oil for frying, to taste

4 round tomatoes not large

a few leaves of Basil

extra virgin olive oil as required


Divide each fillet of Salisbury into two halves lengthwise, so you get many Poles. Prepare the flour on a plate, in one the breadcrumbs with a pinch of salt, in another salted eggs lightly beaten. Move the spatula before flour, then in egg taking care to cover the entire surface of the fish and finally in breadcrumbs, pressing well so they fit perfectly to the stick.

Fry the fish sticks in the hot oil and place them on a paper towel to deep fried.

Wash the tomatoes and draw from each tomato 4 slices, lightly oil a grill or a frying pan and grigliarvi tomato slices on both sides so that abbrustoliscano slightly without discard. Season with salt and set aside.

To serve, then on each plate of ' towers ' of grilled tomatoes alternating the tomato slices in basil leaves and drizzled with a little extra virgin olive oil. Arrange next to grilled tomatoes 6-8 sticks of spatula and serve immediately.

MATCHING: We suggest a craft beer this summer dish and colorful. We chose the Clare the brewery Serro Cross, produced in Monteverde, in the province of Avellino. Comes with hints of citrus and exotic fruits, enriched with honey notes that arise from different malts; the foam is fine and persistent.

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Sara September 23, 2013 - 16:18

Congratulations for the recipe, the propose for dinner tonight. I know the beer, great,the combination is perfect. Have a good evening

Sicilians creative in the kitchen September 23, 2013 - 16:26

Hi Sara and welcome to my blog! Did you find the tip and even someone who knows how to fillet! I'm really happy, is a poor fish but extraordinary. Let me know. ADA

Candida September 18, 2013 - 16:52

ADA also I find it to be a very good fish and think that I did it just last night but Golden fried and I also I pubbblicare a recipe
! See you soon!

Sicilians creative in the kitchen September 18, 2013 - 17:08

And then I look forward of your recipe! I say even now that I try because I love the spatula and you are a guarantee! ADA

Choni September 18, 2013 - 15:34

No se que tipo de pescado es ese, peor seguro que la receta se adapta a cualquier otro pescado blanco… Gracias por compartirla Desde!!!

Sicilians creative in the kitchen September 18, 2013 - 15:39

Hola Choni y bienvenidos! La espátula es un plato pescado y unos pies de longitud, como una cinta de plata, muy común en aguas sicilianas. Pero, Como usted ha dicho, puede hacerlo de esta manera cualquier tipo de filete de pescado blanco. Hello!

All pepper .... September 18, 2013 - 08:59

I really like the pairing with beer… must try!
A hug, Michela

Sicilians creative in the kitchen September 18, 2013 - 14:00

Thanks Michael! A good beer to accompany a fried crispy and homemade is always good! :-) ADA


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