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Monkfish stew, with tomatoes and olives

by Ada Parisi
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Monkfish stew, with tomatoes and olives. The stew is the easiest way, quick and tasty to prepare any type of fish in slices: in practice is nothing more than a quick sauce made with a base of garlic, tomatoes and parsley that can enrich at will, for example with capers and olives, as I did this recipe where I added some’ of Sicilian flavors.

The monkfish stew is a dish for fish lovers, because the sauce is intense and full-bodied. Perfect for the foot with a little’ some homemade bread, preferably roasted and anointed with olive oil. Alternatively, also check out the RICCIOLA STEW TO SICILY (on my YouTube channel version also VIDEO RECIPE step by step), where capers and potatoes are also, for a dish even richer and more comprehensive.

I really like both the monkfish is the anglerfish, that give the best of themselves in wet: boiled meat and white fish, tenacious, that you do not break during cooking. But they are great also the amberjack or swordfish. The dish is prepared in real time, and if accompanied with white rice or cous cous in white is a hearty main dish that will make you feel the taste of the sea. I like to get a plate from the sauce dense and full-bodied, for this slightly impano the fish in flour. However, if you prefer a more liquid sauce, Maybe because you want to accompany him with Crouton, not breaded fish. Have a good day!


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Ferdinand December 15, 2016 - 19:55

but monkfish and monkfish are not the same fish?

Ada Parisi December 15, 2016 - 20:38

Hi Ferdinand! Certain, they are the same thing!


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