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Legume soups: Lots of ideas for tasty winter recipes

With chickpeas, peas, lentils, beans and broad beans

by Ada Parisi
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Pasta e ceci cremosa

Today we talk about I want to offer you many ideas for winter recipes of tasty and complete soups with beans, Chickpeas, broad beans, lentils and peas. Pairing legumes with fresh vegetables, Potatoes and cereals you will always get different and tasty dishes, Perfect for the cold season.

Legume and cereal soups: That's why they're good for you

Eating legumes at least 2 times a week is a way to ensure proper protein intake by reducing meat consumption. In line with the prescriptions of the World Health Organization, which says to limit the consumption of red meat and sausages, and eat a diet that is more sustainable for the environment. Legumes, In fact, contain proteins of medium biological value and, associated with cereals, They are very close to the high biological value contained in meat proteins. Then legumes, Meat, fish, Eggs and cheese in the right quantities all contribute to a healthy and balanced diet.

for that, and you want a complete dish, When to prepare a legume soup you can often include, as well as many different fresh vegetables, Also pasta, rice, spelt, barley or other cereals. When it comes to legumes, We always think of autumn and winter soups or soups. But in Sicily, For example,, there are several summer soups prepared with fresh Borlotti beans or dried broad beans. Surely, though, a hot legume soup, dense, Rich and fragrant, it is a real autumn and winter comfort food. I have divided this collection of recipes for soups with legumes according to the legume: beans, Chickpeas, lentils, beans and peas. In many of these recipes you will also find the VIDEO RECIPES, always available for free on my YouTube channel. And you which ones you prefer?


  • VEGAN POTATO AND BEAN SOUP: easy to prepare vegan recipe. A single dish, creamy and hearty. With step by step video recipe.
  • MIXED BEAN AND KALE SOUP: A complete dish rich in vitamins, anti oxidants and minerals. easy and vegan Recipe. A comfort food with exceptional nutritional properties, you can also freeze already portioned.
  • PASTA SOUP AND SUMMER BORLOTTI BEANS: : typical Sicilian summer recipe, easy and delicious. Is’ vegan and rich in protein. With step by step video recipe.
  • PASTA SOUP, BEANS AND CLAMS: A traditional pairing of Campania cuisine, always good. Easy recipe for a creamy result.
  • THE TUSCANY RIBOLLITA: The original recipe of Tuscan ribollita: starring the cannellini beans and black cabbage. Ribollita is one of the symbolic dishes of Tuscany and is well worth 3 days of waiting to taste it.



  • PASTA AND LENTILS: easy recipe, Vegan, economic and nutritious. One of the dishes that cannot be missing on the tables of Italians all year round
  • LENTIL AND KALE SOUP: very easy, vegan and hearty, lentil and kale soup is a perfect winter one-dish for cold evenings
  • LENTIL SOUP, SPELLED AND PUMPKIN RED: A vegan recipe, Cheap and that will make you fill up on vitamins. It's super easy to prepare
  • RAGU’ OF LENTILS: Vegan recipe, easy and delicious, It won't make you regret the flesh. Tricks for a perfect dish



  • MACCO PEAS DRIED : A nutritious soup, both vegan version and enrich it as a favorite. Bacon and peas is a perfect match!
  • BEAN SOUP, PEAS AND LETTUCE: a spring and vegan soup typical of Sicilian cuisine, good and gentle. With step by step video recipe.

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