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Meringue trifle

by Ada Parisi
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English soup, in the richest version, the meringue. The trifle is a classic recipe of Italian pastry, a sweet sumptuous yet easy to prepare, that many of you will know perfectly and have already eaten. The oldest trifle recipe, that comes to us through the work of Pellegrino Artusi, requires the use of only the custard, but then spread the alternation of custard and chocolate cream. Spain's NAP or wet the savoiardi unchanging with plenty of Alkermes and a shot of rum. The origin of the recipe seems to have Emilia Romagna, but there are many regional variants, one of which is that of Rome, that includes the use of the meringue to cover it and candied fruits. At this point you just have to have a look at all my RECIPES DESSERT SPOON, creamy and mouth-watering.

Now, as the English meringue soup is sweet to prepare family New Year's Eve, I wanted it to be sweet and nice to see, so I decided to cover the cake with Italian meringue (If you don't have the time or inclination to do it, Whisk just until stiff the same dose of egg whites and sugar) and caramellarla for a more dramatic effect. Inside, though, I did not put marshmallows but dark chocolate drops for added crispiness. I used the ladyfingers sardi, larger and heavier’ than normal, but you can also use Spain loaf. In short, I combined the traditional Emilian and Roman and I made my own version of zuppa inglese. If you prefer, you can not put the meringue and dial trifle layered in the pan as you do with the TIRAMISU’. Have a good day!


Portions: 8 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
Rating: 4.7/5
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DOSE OF A PIE 22-24 centimeters
400 grams of ladyfingers or sponge cake Spain cut into thin slices
8 egg yolks
800 milliliters of whole milk
150 grams of caster sugar
80 grams of flour or cornstarch
120 grams of dark chocolate 70% cocoa
Alchermes, to taste
Organic vanilla Bourbon, to taste
Maraschino o rum, to taste
50 grams of dark chocolate drops
175 grams of egg whites
300 grams caster sugar
60 milliltiri of water


To prepare the trifle you have to start from custard. Separate the egg whites from the yolks. Put the egg yolks in a large bowl with the sugar and flour and fitted with an electric mixer until the mixture is light and fluffy. Heat the milk and pour a small amount into egg mixture, always blending so that no lumps. Then add the rest of the milk and pour the mixture thus obtained into a casserole and bake, stirring constantly, until the cream thickens.

Finely chop the chocolate. Divide the mixture into two equal parts and, When it is still hot, mix one chopped chocolate creams, stirring until it is completely melted and not avreteottenuto a cream thick and glossy chocolate. Cover with plastic wrap for food in contact with the surface of the creams and make cool completely.

Pour into a bowl 9 parts of Alkermes and a rum cocktail cherry (or even longer if you prefer a more alcoholic wet) and soak the ladyfingers or sponge cake Spain with bagna. Coat with the ladyfingers on the bottom and the cake pan and the edge, then pour the custard. Sprinkle the surface chocolate chips. Cover with another layer of ladyfingers soaked, pour the custard with chocolate and complete with a last layer of ladyfingers soaked. Cover the cake with plastic wrap and let stand in refrigerator for 12-24 hours.

For Italian meringue, put into a casserole the water with 200 grams of sugar and cook over high heat until the mixture reaches 121 degrees. Meanwhile, begin to assemble planetary or with an electric mixer in egg whites with the remaining sugar. When the syrup is ready, pour flush on egg whites continuing to mount and continue to work until they are, swollen, frothy, shiny and cold.

Unmold the cake. Pour the meringue into a piping bag with the tip and cover the entire cake. If you want, you can make the operation much easier and cover the English soup in less than 5 minutes by simply spatulating the meringue on the cake. With a caramelized meringue surface thin pipe so that it is slightly and not uniformly Golden. Keep the meringue trifle in the refrigerator until ready to serve: be warned that more rest will be good. Bon appétit and happy holidays!

VARIANT: unless you want to make a trifle layered to be drafted, make zuppa inglese on a baking tray and large transparent, just as when preparing tiramisu, alternating layers of ladyfingers soaked, custard, still Savoy, chocolate cream and Lady fingers. Then cover with meringue or cocoa powder. Let cool trifle in the refrigerator for at least six hours and serve. Bon appétit!

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