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Chickpea and mushroom soup (Vegan recipe)

by Ada Parisi
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Zuppa di ceci e funghi, ricetta vegana

Chickpea and mushroom soup: recipe Vegan, hearty, fragrant. One autumn legume soup for the first cold. A lot, very simple to do, especially if you use pre-cooked chickpeas. I love legumes and bring them to the table at least twice a week: for this I have to vary a lot, and not only the type of legume, but also the type of preparation. Legume soups, Obviously, are among my favorite recipes. This is made of a few good and seasonal things: Chickpeas and porcini mushrooms. A clove of garlic, a little finely chopped rosemary and high quality extra virgin olive oil. I added the pasta, but rice is also fine. And actually you can also serve it yourself, with a little’ of freshly ground black pepper and some croutons.

Indeed, if you like soups without pasta or rice, try also that of THIS, PUMPKIN AND MUSHROOMS, always vegan, with crispy pumpkin seeds. a delight. Or maybe the SOUP OF MUSHROOMS AND CHANTERELLE, with a drop of milk cream, or the PUMPKIN CREAM, TURMERIC CARROTS AND MUSHROOMS CHIODINI, really special.

Mushrooms and chickpeas, some advice

To prepare this soup you can use any type of mushrooms: a mixture is ideal, especially if there is some boletus mushroom inside, but the nails are also fine, the gallinacci or the humble and simple champignons. Also frozen, if you don't find fresh mushrooms.

As for chickpeas, you can use dried chickpeas, which obviously must be wet and rehydrated before cooking, or pre-cooked chickpeas. For all the ways of soaking chickpeas and cooking tips I refer you to the recipe of the CREAMY PASTA AND CHICKPEAS, where you will find all the possible details about portions, soaking and cooking dried chickpeas. The cooking themes that I indicate are with chickpeas already cooked, whether you have purchased them pre-cooked, whether you have cooked them. Have a good day!

Zuppa di ceci e funghi, ricetta vegana


Portions: 4 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
Rating: 4.7/5
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500 grams of chickpeas already cooked (pre-cooked or cooked by you following this Procedure)

400 grams of mushrooms

a clove of garlic

salt and pepper, to taste

vegetable broth, to taste

Fresh Rosemary, to taste

a piece of fresh chilli

extra virgin olive oil, to taste


Chickpea and mushroom soup, Vegan recipe

The soup of chickpeas and porcini mushrooms is very easy to make. If used Chickpeas precooked food, wash them well under running water before using them. If you want to use dried chickpeas, follow this procedure to understand the portion, how to soak them to rehydrate them and cooking times.

With regard to the mushrooms, assuming you use fresh mushrooms, you have to delete the end, gently clean them from any dirt residues using a soft brush slightly wet and then cut them into small pieces. If you use frozen mushrooms instead, you can use them as they are. Finally, if you use dried mushrooms, remember that you must rehydrate them before using them: put them for at least an hour to soak in hot water and then drain them.

Brown the poached garlic in extra virgin olive oil, when it will be golden and the oil will perfume, add a piece of chili pepper. Then add the well-drained chickpeas and brown them. Finally, add the mushrooms and brown them too. Cover with hot vegetable broth and season with salt. Cook for about 20 minutes. At this point, you can add pasta or rice.

I advise you to keep aside a little broth, so you can use it to stretch the soup if the dough absorbs too much liquid. Of course it also depends on your tastes: if you prefer a more liquid and slow soup, increase the amount of broth. If you prefer creamy, rice is definitely the right choice, because it releases a lot of starch. In both cases, once cooked, season the soup with finely chopped rosemary, freshly ground black pepper and extra virgin olive oil. Better if bitter and spicy, i.e. high quality. Bon appétit!

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