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Twenty recipes to recycle the leftovers of feasts: Meat, panettone, bread and egg whites

Easy and tasty recipes so you don't waste leftovers

by Ada Parisi
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Zuppa inglese al pandoro

CHow to recycle leftovers from the holidays? Meat, panettone, old bread, egg whites: Here are over 20 recipes so you don't waste what we prepared or bought during the holiday season. Exist, In fact, Lots of good and tasty recipes to recycle the leftovers that invade our kitchens. Panettone and Pandoro, who are always in greater numbers to our forces, we look desolate. The fridge is full ofLeftover meat sauce and béchamel sauce from lasagna and baked pasta. Not to mention the beef and chicken that we boiled to make the broth. O del Bread purchased in excess and now stale and of the breadcrumbs Used for breading cutlets and meatballs.

And all those Advanced egg whites from the preparation of the custard, what will? Because now we are overcoming the holidays, and even the witch has left us, I give you over 20 recipes to recycle holiday leftovers with class and taste. It is said that a recycling dish to be just as good, if not more good, of the original plate.

How to recycle Pandoro and panettone advanced

Pandoro and panettone, as well as the dove or the brioche, They are one of the easiest things to recycle. It does not matter if they have become dry and a bit’ tough: put on a cake, with fruit, cream, a wet alcohol or just sweetened, They will return as delicious and more than before. For example,, the SOUP IN ENGLISH PANDORO, that on my YouTube channel you can also find in VIDEO RECIPE Step by step with lots of tips and suggestions on how to create in minutes a perfect sweet.

The Pandoro, with its vanilla aftertaste, makes trifles even more exquisite and, in my opinion, It is even more good ladyfingers (which in truth I do not love). Even the FRENCH TOAST or PAIN PERDU’ It's delicious if you use leftover panettone or pandoro instead of old bread. Seeing is believing: and on my YouTube channel also find the VIDEO RECIPE step by step for a delicious snack.

Yet, you can use the Pandora also in TIRAMISU CLASSIC’, Always instead of ladyfingers or TIRAMISU’ LEMON. Just a little’ fantasy and any kind of cream and the Pandora becomes the exceptional protagonist of desserts sweet tooth layers such as CUP OF DIPLOMATIC CREAM WITH LEMON AND BERRIES.

Panettone, because of the presence of candied fruits and raisins, lends itself well to prepare with fruits like apples and pears, because it is already in its ingredients reminiscent of the taste of a strudel. The way that I love more to recycle is the panettone PUDDING PANETTONE, CIOCCOLATO AND PERE, immersed in a Rapid cream layer, with dark chocolate and sliced ​​pear. A sweet that you can change easily using apples and raisins, or fresh fruits or dried wood.

And how can you not love the PANETTONE CAKE WITH BERRIES? A delicious and very easy to prepare pudding accompanied by a berry sauce (You can use frozen ones), to be prepared as a last dessert perhaps for the Befana on the sixth of January. And on my YouTube channel also find the VIDEO RECIPE.

How to recycle the leftover bread from holidays

I do not know about you but I often do much bread for the Holidays (I am a passionate of the dough and prepare at home with my mother yeast). And unfortunately, because I do so many types, often becomes stale bread and advances. I therefore had to study different ways to recycle stale bread or bread crumbs that I use for breading cutlets, meatballs etc.. First use stale bread in the soup instead of rice or pasta, as in SOUP AND BREAD BLACK CABBAGE: following this example, you can create countless tasty soups and healthy.

Yet, you can use the leftover bread to prepare delicious meatballs for an aperitif, how CROCCHETTE BREAD, HAM AND CHIVES: even in this case, kneading the bread with egg, You can add sausage or ham, cubes of cheese or curry to make the meatballs perfect according to your taste. In addition, you can stuff with stale bread or breadcrumbs advanced seasonal vegetables, come i ARTICHOKES STUFFED IN SICILIEN STYLE. If you like sweets, the ideal solution is the BREAD PUDDING AND APPLES, a sweet recycling of old bread of Anglo-Saxon origin. Is’ so simple and good that they become dependent and will suit even the smallest.

How to recycle boiled meat, roast chicken and advanced sauce

If you followed the tradition that at Christmas we do tortellini in broth, It will definitely freezer advanced boiled. What to do with the meat a little’ dry? Among the recipes to recycle leftover meat of the parties can not miss MEATBALLS OF BOILED dear to the Roman cuisine. Crunchy and tasty due to the addition of cheese and herbs. But also a nice CHICKEN SALAD, POMEGRANATE AND SALSA VERDE, perfect to launder Advanced boiled chicken remaining light. or the CROCCHETTE CHICKEN BOILED, greedy and also perfect for the little ones.

If there is advanced sauce, you should definitely try the GATEAU POTATO SAUCE’. Mashed potatoes, meat sauce, peas and cheese cubes will make your unique gateau, by applause. The alternative is to buy the dough fresh lasagne or cannelloni dry and fill them with the sauce: a light white sauce and your Cannelloni SAUCE’ They will be on the table.

And if there's a lot of grated cheese left over, Then try the MEATBALLS OF CHEESE TO SICILY: you can also make them with Parmigiano Reggiano, Grana Padano or any other grated aged cheese.

How to recycle your advanced whites

During the holidays I make a gentle mountains: cookies, short pastry, custard, crème anglaise. Not to mention the mayonnaise for’RUSSIAN SALAD, so beloved at Christmas. But in many sweet dishes you use only the yolks. What to do then with the enhanced egg whites? Surely you have already thought of preparing meringues with which to prepare different types of pavlova. from Pavlova CREAM WITH CHESTNUT AND PERSIMMON to that with CHOCOLATE AND HAZELNUTS to classic Pavlova WITH CREAM AND BERRIES. If you love the Sicilian cuisine, you can use advanced whites to prepare the famous ALMOND PASTE, soft and sweet, one leads to another.

Alternatively, There is a delicious, light cake made with only egg whites and no butter or oil: la ANGEL FOOD CAKE, called 'pie of the angels’ for its whiteness. Is’ simple to make and low in calories and you can customize it as you like. try the ANGEL FOOD CAKE ALL’ARANCIA or that BLUEBERRY AND mascarpone.

You can use the advanced egg whites for breading cutlets, arancini or croquettes. And remember, in case of advanced risotto, just work it in the shape of meatball, put cheese inside and diced into flour impanarlo, egg white and breadcrumbs. You will get tasty rice croquettes made only with recycled ingredients. Have a nice day!



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