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Autumn savoury cakes: 12 recipes

by Ada Parisi
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Torte salate autunnali: 12 ricette

12 autumn savory pie recipes to whom you cannot say no. Autumn is the time of the leaves that change color, of the first cold and the craving for more substantial foods, Hot, simply good. The perfect answer to this craving are the autumn savory cakes. Quiche, pies, rustic cakes are a joker in the kitchen: extremely versatile, they can be prepared with just about any ingredient and they always appeal to everyone. That's why I thought I'd make the ranking of the 12 recipes of autumn savory cakes not to be missed.

Salted cakes: infinite possibilities and combinations

The world of savoury cakes is vast, but we focus on those based on autumn vegetables: potatoes, pumpkin, mushrooms, cauliflower, Swiss chard. And then, as winter approaches, artichokes, Black Cabbage, radicchio. But also Pears. You can use virtually all kinds of vegetables. But not only: The stuffing of autumn savory pies can vary. From those based on ricotta to the classic basic mixture of Lorraine quiche with beaten eggs and cheese. Up to fillings made practically only of vegetables such as Sardinian artichoke panada or pumpkin puff pastry.

The casing that collects the filling is, usually, brisèe pasta or puff pastry. As you know I'm a big fan of 'homemade’ and so I refer you to my recipes of the PASTA BRISÉE (even in VIDEO RECIPE) and the PUFF PASTRY to prepare them at home with a perfect result. Of course we all know that time is tyrant and that it is still an extra job, that for puff pastry also becomes particularly complicated. for that, you can prepare each of these savory cakes even with ready-made brisèe pasta or puff pastry, both fresh and frozen.

The great flexibility of savory pies means that they can be served as single dish, accompanied by a rich salad, comand main course, as a starter and even in buffets, cut into pieces. You can prepare in advance, indeed often the day after the preparation are even better. Here is theand 12 autumn savory pies not to be missed. There are those very simple ones to do, the original ones, the greedy ones and the light ones. To please everyone.

Salted tart with pears, walnuts and gorgonzola

Easy autumn savory cakes

Among the easiest autumn savory cakes to prepare surely to try the SPEUR TART WITH WALNUT PEARS AND GORGONZOLA, that I do with a homemade whole-grain pastry but that you can do using a normal puff pastry or brisèe pasta ready-made. Original and with a strong taste. Yet, the PUMPKIN PUFF AND HONEY: it is prepared with raw pumpkin, cut into thin slices, and it's completed with creamy stracchino, salted butter flavored with sage and a drizzle of honey.

The quiche, unparalleled gluttony

Quiche are savoury cakes of French origin, prepare with brisèe paste and an egg-based mixture, cream and cheese. The most classic is the QUICHE LORRAINE, testimony of the great peasant cuisine French: inside Groviera cheese and bacon for a rustic and intense taste. Is’ my favorite and you can also find it in VIDEO RECIPE. With the same method, you can prepare the SALTED MUSHROOM AND TALEGGIO CAKE: I used the wonderful porcini mushrooms and chanterelles (or chickens) fresh, but you can also use frozen mushrooms. The Tale, tasty and creamy, gives the extra twist to this rustic cake that tastes like autumn.

Yet, the QUICHE WITH POTATOES AND SCAMORZA will make your children happy: it's basically a potato omelet enriched with racy cheese and contained in a crispy shell. Delicious. When it's artichoke season, Don't miss the QUICHE WITH ARTICHOKES AND CHEESE, which enhances the unique taste of artichoke with Trentingrana (or Parmesan or Parmesan) and racy source.

Salted cakes with cottage cheese

Vegetable and ricotta fillings are the most loved by young and old, and they're also the quickest and easiest to prepare. Ricotta allows you to put fewer eggs in the dough, or even to prepare it without eggs, and still get a creamy compound, rich and tasty. The great classic is the recipe of the CAKE CHEESE SALT AND HERBS: the Italian tradition is full of savoury cakes stuffed with ricotta and various herbs, from spinach to mixed field herbs, from chicoria to chard. Exaggerate with Parmigiano Reggiano for a more decisive and delicious taste. Yet, the RUSTIC RICOTTA AND RADICCHIO CAKE has a delicate taste that enhances the equally delicate and bitter flavor on the end of the late radicchio of Treviso Igp. While the RUSTIC AND CHEESE CAKE ARTICHOKES is a must for those who love artichokes, that with ricotta and parmesan form an amazing pairing.

Different savoury cakes than usual

Among the most original and different autumn savory cakes as usual, absolutely to try the CAKE AND RUSTIC CAULIFLOWER STRACCHINO: prepares quickly and is so good that even those who don't like cauliflower will be won, because it's rich, creamy and delicate. Instead, it has yogurt in the filling and a crispy shell of whole brisée dough PIE IN BLACK CABBAGE, made with a vegetable that is now known to all for its many beneficial properties for the body. Finally, a very particular traditional Sardinian recipe, the PANADA SARDA ARTICHOKES: a dough made from lard and semod flour and a potato filling, artichokes and racy cheese. Simple but surprising.

Then, you've found the autumn savory cake that's for you? I hope you. Have a good day!


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