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Cakes and pies to do at home: 21 easy recipes

by Ada Parisi
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Torta della nonna (con crema e pinoli): ricetta originale cremosissima

If it is true that beauty will save the world, good homemade dessert can save the day: why today I leave you 21 easy recipes of cakes and pies to do at home with a few ingredients. Ingredients that surely we all have in the pantry. I never thought of living in a time like the present. Locked in the house while an invisible pandemic touches us, there invades, breaks down the most fragile leaving us with no other defense except loneliness. It is always said that battles are won together, but to win this battle, we have to be alone. Paradox of Coronavirus.

In this context, while we are all locked in the house, concerned about our, for our future, cure a blog makes me a little’ uncomfortable. Speaking and writing cookery, when on business speak and write about things much more serious, It is this paradoxical. But when I read your comments and requests on Instagram and Facebook, I see traffic increase in search of PIZZA LONG PROVING, BREAD, sweets, HOMEMADE PASTA, I understand that having a blog is not trivial at this time. Why tell things, share recipes, help you pass the many, too empty hours, It is not trivial.

Apple Pie, without Eggs: good and spongy

Spongy apple pie without eggs

Is, saw that in front of supermarkets there is a row, and that of flour purchases are soaring, Today I leave you 21 cakes and tarts recipes easy to make at home. Easy as proceedings, but also as ingredients. Because milk, eggs, butter, flour, sugar, lemons, chocolate, Apples are the dispensation of each of us. And some other small ingredient such as cream or cottage cheese is readily available.

These sweet and simple baked good are for you and for your loved ones. I hope that you will make them these days to spend some time in the kitchen making pasta also put your hands in your children. That is so much fun to mess with the pastry. And let him lick the bowl of dough. When I was little this was the reward I received from mom in exchange for five minutes of calm and tranquility. Yes, I was a lively child, very lively.

Apple pie, Original recipe of the American apple pie

Apple pie, original recipe

easy cakes with apples: homemade are more good

Among all the sweet world easy, those with the apples are the most loved, regardless of the season. The apple pie is the classic dessert that is made with a few simple ingredients that we all have at home. Apples course, of every variety can and then milk, butter, eggs, flour, sugar, yeast, lemon zest and cinnamon. Of course, from the classic recipe APPLE PIE, soft and fragrant: Mother's recipe, and those who do not have a recipe of the family apple pie in the drawer?

Then the traditional American apple pie, the APPLE PIE, with a buttery crust and crunchy apples and many inside. A sweet that the collective memory back to Disney comics and Grandma Duck, that made her cool on the windowsill.

And still APPLE TART AND CUSTARD, one of the most beloved desserts and sweet tooth ever. And if you want a sweet even easier to prepare, to dispose of the leftover stale bread (remember, Never throw food, especially when you line up to go shopping) There is the BREAD PUDDING AND APPLES. It takes a while’ old bread, eggs, milk and sugar for a cake that will smell good all the house.

Sweets with apples' without’

For there is the intolerant APPLE PIE, WITHOUT EGGS, I personally balanced to achieve the perfect apple pie, soft and fragrant, even without'.

And for those on a diet there is the APPLE CAKE LIGHT, where there is very little flour, just a veil, to hold together the many thin slices of lemon scented apples.

Homemade tarts: few ingredients for a perfect result

Since it seems that yeast shortages, both of beer both chemical, we can dedicate ourselves to cakes unleavened. We begin sweet Italian breakfast par excellence: the JAM TART. The base is always the same, rich SHORT PASTRY made with an excellent butter (although today many prefer to use extra virgin olive oil). Then a jam or marmalade according to our tastes. strawberries, figs, cherries, Plums, apricots, oranges. Running is easy, The ingredient we have them all at home.

For the sweet tooth, simply make a CUSTARD sugar with milk, eggs and flour to make a simple, moist tart in a rich, greedy and lustful CUSTARD TART AND JAM. I like the strawberry jam, but you use that jar you have in the pantry for some time.

The great classics: tarts for all tastes

A name, a guarantee: and the GRANDMOTHER'S CAKE, which it is actually an indoor tart made with shortcrust pastry, custard and pine nuts. The grandmother's cake is one of the most beloved Italian traditional sweets of all time. The ingredients are always at hand: milk, eggs, butter, sugar, flour, lemon peel for a cream cake, rich, scented childhood.

For strawberries it's still early, technically we should not buy them before mid-April. But given the time and the inevitable discontent due to the forced seclusion, we can buy a basket of strawberries in advance to cheer us up. And prepare TART FRESH STRAWBERRIES AND CREAM, as easy as amazing. The spring sweet most loved by children and adults.

Another great classic for which only serves fresh ricotta, in addition to the usual ingredients (milk butter flour sugar eggs) He comes from Sicily: CHOCOLATE AND CHEESE TART, that in Sicily we also call 'Cassata baked'. It has the advantage of being not only easy to prepare, but also to preserve long. Assuming resistiate.

And if at home you have so many pears and do not know how to use them, with a nice pastry or PASTA BRISÉE and a few pieces of dark chocolate or milk you can create a wonderful TART AND CHOCOLATE COVERED PEAR. Indeed, given that we have so long, try to experience how does a magnificent plot coverage Viewing VIDEO TUTORIAL how to make a basket weaves.

Plumcake and cakes: soft and with few ingredients

Among the 21 recipes of the cakes and pies are easy to do at home can not miss the desserts from simple and good breakfast. Sweets to prepare with few ingredients and vary by adding the fruit you have at home: among the most popular and there are certainly plum cakes. For example,, instead of throwing overripe bananas that you have in the refrigerator, try to prepare BANANA BREAD, a fluffy loaf pan with little added sugar and spicy fragrance. And if you have nuts, almonds or hazelnuts add them to sweet for a crunchy texture and a more intense flavor.

With ricotta and saffron in the dough, you can try the Ciambellone RICOTTA, Also to be flavored to taste with grated orange or lemon. A Sardinian recipe that will guarantee you a perfect environment and lots of tasty breakfasts. Among the easiest and loved by children the plum PLUMCAKE WITH CHOCOLATE DROPS, with all my secrets for not going the chocolate on the bottom of the cake. Perfect to dive into the milk in the morning.

Yet, with the basic recipe of PLUMCAKE LEMON you can create countless cakes to be personalized with fruit or chocolate: this is the original recipe for English plum cake, compact and consistent but melt-in your mouth. The ingredients are always the same, but the key thing is rest in the refrigerator before cooking. You'll hear that goodness.

Baked cakes to recycle egg whites and cream advanced

If you have made at least one of the cakes made with custard I have suggested, It'll definitely be disposed of egg whites: never throw, use them to prepare a light, soft and wonderful ANGEL FOOD CAKE. A sweet and soft donut without milk and no butter, try the simple version, to be filled with cream or mascarpone and fresh fruit or THE ORANGE FLAVORED.

If anxiety to go shopping to avoid being without food you bought the fresh cream that now does not know how to use, the solution is put in the dough for the soft Ciambellone CREAM when I act with blueberries and you can do with chocolate chips, Apples, raspberries or strawberries. Without butter or oil, They need only eggs, sugar and flour.

Chocolate cakes homemade

We close the roundup of these 21 cakes and tarts recipes easy to make at home with something intense and sinful. If you chocolate employees and then at home you have chocolate stocks of all kinds, besides the usual eggs, milk, flour, sugar and butter (or lard), you can dedicate yourself with your children to “Crumble” the dough for CREAMY CRUMBLED CHOCOLATE CAKE, a sweet little technical but with so much heart and so much goodness.

You only need to have in the house of the cocoa to amaze the little ones (but adults) with the MAGIC CAKE WITH CHOCOLATE: mixing the usual ingredients and a teaspoon of vinegar will get a cake with three amazing consistencies in one move. Pudding, cream and sponge cake to eat in one bite.

For those who enjoy the softest textures here Ciambellone IN DARK CHOCOLATE, a bundt cake chocolate three times faster to prepare and sinful.

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