Fluffy cake with chestnut flour

Fluffy cake with chestnut flour

Fluffy cake with chestnut flour, suitable for Celiacs because gluten free (you can use cornstarch instead of flour 00). Chestnut flour is rarely used in the kitchen, except for some regional traditions like the cASTAGNACCIO and I bought a nice bag in Tuscany. So I decided to do some experiments and did this sweet, soft, fragrant and aromatic, along with other sweet and delicious breads that you find in my RELATED LINKS.

I wanted it to be a sweet light, without too much added sugar because chestnut flour is naturally sweet and I also added l & #8217; raisins, to enhance the smoky aftertaste of flour. Initially I tried to prepare the soft flour cake made with chestnut flour with 40 milliliters of vegetable oil, but as always l & #8217; oil cakes does not convince me way down, then l & #8217; I replaced it with a little butter.

If you want, you can enjoy the natural chestnut cake flour, Sprinkle the cake with a little’ icing sugar and making it perfect for breakfast and l & #8217; dipping in milk or tea. Or you can fill and garnish the cake with an easy chocolate glaze water #8217 all &, making it more elegant. For those who are really exceptionally greedy, c & #8217; is the ability to use a Ganache CHOCOLATE AND CREAM, much richer all glaze & #8217; water, and of course much more caloric restriction. Have a good day!

(doses for a mold from 22 centimeters or 24 if ring)

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  • 200 grams of chestnut flour
  • 100 grams of flour 00 (or cornstarch if you have a gluten intolerance)
  • 2 whole eggs
  • 100 grams caster sugar
  • 250 ml lukewarm milk
  • 60 grams of butter
  • 60 grams of raisins
  • 2 tablespoons rum
  • a pinch of salt
  • a packet of yeast
  • little organic vanilla extract (Optional)
  • butter and flour for the cake Pan, to taste
  • 150 grams powdered sugar
  • 30 grams of unsweetened cocoa powder
  • boiling water, to taste


To prepare the moist cake with chestnut flour, put the raisins soaked in hot water for 15 minutes, then dry it carefully and lightly coat with flour. Separate the egg whites from the yolks. Whip until stiff egg whites with a pinch of salt and set aside. Melt the butter in a double boiler and cool to room temperature. Heat the milk.

Put the yolks in a large bowl, Add sugar and whisk until the mixture is foamy and white. Add to the mix the vanilla and a third of chestnut flour and the 00 (or cornstarch) Sift together the baking powder. Merge a third of milk and begin to assemble with an electric mixer until the mixture is creamy and without lumps. Continue adding some more’ Sift the flour and milk, blend and supplement with l & #8217; last part of flour and milk. Add the rum and melted butter at room temperature, always working l & #8217; mixture with an electric mixer: When you have a smooth, shiny and smooth, gradually add egg whites, stirring with a spatula and doing a movement from & #8217; top to bottom to incorporate as much air as possible.

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees static. Grease and flour the cake tin, I have used one for Donuts, pour the mixture and bake the cake with chestnuts for 40 minutes or until, by inserting a toothpick in the Center and deep, will not dry. Unmold cake and place it on a wire rack to cool.

You can enjoy the chestnut cake so, simply sprinkled with icing sugar, or garnish the cake with frosting water, It is extremely easy to prepare. To prepare the chocolate glaze water just mix powdered sugar and cocoa setacciandoli together and add as much hot water as needed to obtain a fluid enough that it can be poured over the cake. Add l & #8217; drip water so as not to exceed. Let solidify the icing for a few minutes before serving the soft chestnut cake. Bon appétit!

Fluffy cake with chestnut flour
Fluffy cake with chestnut flour

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elisabetta 19 January 2018 at 12:54

What a sweet and that particular form that has:

Ada Parisi 22 January 2018 at 12:32

Thank you Dear, is a Nordic Ware, welcome my brother's Christmas gift!


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