Tag: baked desserts

Crumbled chocolate cake

Crumbled chocolate cake: cremosissima within, crunchy on the outside, the scent of orange. An easy and irresistible sweet.

Plumcake with chocolate chips

Plum cake with chocolate chips and Cointreau: a very simple dessert that will please everyone. If you do it for…
A plate of biscuits typical of Roman castles, the wine doughnuts

Red wine donuts

Red wine donuts, the typical biscuits of Roman castles, easy to prepare and perfect for being drenched in wine…

Florentine rice puddings

Florentine rice puddings, one of the most traditional and beloved Tuscan pastries. original recipe.

Blueberry muffins

Small and lethal: who does not love the muffins? These are fluffy and full of blueberries.