Sunshine award!!!

Another good news: we received the 'Sunshine Award'’ from the blog 'Anita's spoon’. The aim of the award is to raise awareness of blogs that have recently been created and, like the 'Liebster Award', answering questions to 'get to know each other better'. Anita thought we were one of the three blogs to know and we're grateful for that, Indeed, more. We answer the questions here, how we did for the Liebsters, sure that by now you'll know everything about us!!! For convenience, like last time, I answer only me, ADA. The truth is that I have an ego’ huge…

 Favorite Color? Green.Favorite Animal? Cat, but I love them all.Preferred number? 24 (it's my birthday). Non-alcoholic drink? If you really don't have alcohol the Coke light, but I love bubbles.Prefer Twitter or Facebook? Twitter I still haven't figured out how it works, I'm going to random. Your passion? Of course, the kitchen, then the trips, reading and sleeping (!).Prefer to make or receive gifts? Them, because it's hard to get it right’. Preferred model? Mom and Dad. Favorite day of the week? No one in particular, depends on how the day evolves. Favorite Flower? Tulips.




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