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Strawberry parfait (no ice cream maker)

With meringue cotta and cream, as good as that of ice cream parlour

by Ada Parisi
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Gelato alla fragola (con e senza gelatiera): sano, buono e fatto in casa

How to make semifreddo at home (ice cream) strawberry

Semifreddo (ice cream) Homemade strawberries, sena ice cream maker, and as good as that of ice cream parlors. Today I leave you one of my granddaughter's favorite recipes: the Strawberry parfait, prepared with cooked meringue, strawberry puree and whipped cream. Is’ the Professional version’ of the semifreddo, but simple to do: creamy and light texture, does not freeze in the freezer and keeps for a long time. In short, If you love strawberries it is a dessert to try. Together with the TIRAMISU’ STRAWBERRIES and RICOTTA, the CREAM AND STRAWBERRY TART and to the VERTICAL CAKE WITH STRAWBERRIES.

How to make strawberry parfait

This is not the 'fast' parfait’ that surely you have seen everywhere made by mixing cream and mascarpone or yogurt and strawberries usually cooked. Because otherwise the watery part in the freezer would freeze giving the parfait an unpleasant texture. Cooked strawberries, though, completely change the taste of ice cream. And the excess of cream and mascarpone makes it very fat in the mouth. That's why I suggest you try this one Strawberry parfait recipe without an ice cream maker, really simple and with an amazing result. Arming you, however, with kitchen thermometer. The only difficulty, In fact, is the preparation of cooked meringue. But if you have a kitchen thermometer and a planetary mixer, or even simple electric whips, it's child's play.

Cooked meringue is based on egg whites: It can be prepared a day in advance and stored in the refrigerator. Important of course that the parfait, Once ready, rest for at least 18 hours in the freezer. You can serve it cut into slices, or in cup, as if it were an ice cream. And garnish it with fresh strawberries. Is’ really yummy.

Semifreddo as good as those of ice cream parlor: some alternative

If you love semifreddo and ice cream, since we are officially in the summer mood, I would tell you to try my favorite semifreddo too. The GREEN PISTACHIO PARFAIT FROM BRONTE or HAZELNUT, the ZUCCOTTO CASSATA SICILIANA, the CHOCOLATE PARFAIT and the fabulous SEMIFREDDO DI CAFFE‘. If you love ice cream but don't want to try your hand at a semifreddo, I have some 'crafty recipes'’ For you: the CREMINI GELATO, with cream and condensed milk (even in VIDEO RECIPE).

Oppure i COFFEE ICE CREAM BISCUITS’, with cream and mascarpone. Or the SEMIFREDDO MERINGUE WITH BERRIES, quick recipe by Nigella Lawson. And then a whole series of fast popsicles that you find among my 12 RECIPES OF POPSICLES AND ICE CREAM FOR THE SUMMER. Finally, When will the mandarins be in season, Also try PARFAIT MANDARIN. If you have an ice cream maker and you want to make a simple and good ice cream, I suggest you the FIORDILATTE ICE CREAM, That tastes like how little we were. And now that you're full of ice creams to make, I wish you good day!

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Gelato alla fragola (con e senza gelatiera): sano, buono e fatto in casa

STRAWBERRY PARFAIT (no ice cream maker)

Portions: 6 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
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110 grams of egg whites

220 grams of sugar

66 milliliters of water

a pinch of salt


300 grams of fresh strawberries

540 grams of whipped cream

5 grams of gelatine sheets


The preparation of Italian meringue (or cooked meringue) it's very simple.

Put the egg whites with a pinch of salt in a planetary mixer or in a bowl and beat for 5-6 minutes, until they start to turn whitish.

For MERINGUE. Meanwhile, you have to prepare the sugar syrup. Put the sugar in a thick steel saucepan. Then add water. Cook over low heat until boiling. Dip the kitchen thermometer in syrup: when the syrup will have reached 121 degrees, pour it flush over the egg whites, whipping the mixture at maximum speed.

After 10 minutes slightly lower the speed and continue to whip the egg whites until the mass is still and does not appear shiny and compact. Turn off the whisks only when the meringue is perfectly whipped and cold.

For STRAWBERRY PUREE. Wash strawberries, Remove the petiole and the green part and blend them. Pass the strawberry puree through a sieve to remove the seeds and weigh it: you need 200 grams.

Put the gelatine in cold water for 15 minutes. Heat a small part of the strawberry puree and dissolve the gelatin, stirring carefully, then add the mixture to the rest of the blended strawberries.

Strawberry parfait without ice cream maker

COMPOSITION OF THE SEMIFREDDO. Put the cooked meringue in a large bowl, Add the whipped cream several times and with a spatula, making a movement from top to bottom so as not to disassemble the mixture. Also add the strawberry puree with gelatin, mixing gently until the mixture is pink and homogeneous. Coat an ice cream mold, semifreddo or plumcake with plastic wrap and pour the mixture.

Place the strawberry parfait in the freezer and let it rest for at least 12 hours. Before unmolding the semifreddo, leave it for a few minutes at room temperature. You can serve it cut into slices or make balls and serve them in a cup, as if it were an ice cream, garnishing it with fresh strawberries. Bon appétit!

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Silvia June 6, 2023 - 11:54

Hello Ada dear! I can do it with real raspberries?

Ada Parisi June 6, 2023 - 16:49

But certainly, same procedure. A warm greeting

Elena June 6, 2023 - 08:12

Hello Ada congratulations for your beautiful recipes!! In the strawberry parfait, however, I do not see the amount of egg whites to whip.. Thanks

Ada Parisi June 6, 2023 - 09:25

Elena good morning! Actually there was but invisible, I must have activated some strange code unknowingly. I fixed. However it is 110 grams!


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