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Spanish Red Sangria

Original recipe of the perfect cocktail for aperitifs

by Ada Parisi
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Sangria: ricetta originale spagnola

Have you ever tasted Spanish Red Sangria in its most authentic recipe? Fresh, rich in fruit, very good. This is the Spain's most famous alcoholic beverage and it is drunk practically at any time and not only as an aperitif, accompanied or not by tapas, the typical appetizers of the place. I said the most authentic recipe because, when it comes to certain recipes, getting to the original one is definitely difficult, since there are countless variants. And that each variant, even the familiar ones, becomes original in its context. Prepare it is easy, as you see in VIDEO RECIPE on my YouTube channel (subscribe, it's free).

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Ingredients of Spanish red Sangria

Sangria is named after the word blood “sangre”, clearly because of those deep red. The ingredient that, In fact, never changes is just red wine. A body wine, (“dyed wine”) with an important alcohol content, around 14 degrees. Don't worry, the overall alcohol level of red Sangria then decreases, because gazzosa are added to the wine, orange juice and a lot of ice. In addition to a small amount of Brandy, Rum or Vermouth, not necessary but provided in many recipes more to reinforce the scent than the taste of the cocktail.

What Italian red wine to use for Sangria?

The red wine used , among Italian wines I recommend a Primitivo di Manduria Doc, a Cannonau Doc of Sardinia, a Barbera Dop of Piedmont, a Rosso Doc Valpolicella, a Chianti Docg or a Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Doc. We used a Ruchè di Castagnole Docg.

fragrances, fruit and soft drinks

Among the aromas, cinnamon and cloves are inevitable, and the star anise is also very popular. Some variants add vanilla.

Fruit must be present in good quantities: this sort of “eat and drink” it is characteristic of Spanish red Sangria. You have to use peaches, oranges, lemons, Apples. Also welcome the red beads and plums. or pomegranate. Of course the fruit varies from season to season and so have fun.

The most used non-alcoholic in the preparation of Sangria is gazzosa. Many today also use orange soda or lemonade (Fanta type), or even tonic water. In the latter case it is good to add 30 grams of cane sugar to Sangria to sweeten it. If you use already sweet drinks, whether or not you add sugar depends on your taste preferences.

Spanish red Sangria is often enriched with Rum, Brandy or Vermouth: however, these liqueurs raise their alcohol level as well as give it more perfumes. You can insert them in small quantities to give perfume or increase doses if you prefer a more robust cocktail. Or omit them altogether for a more “beverina” and light.

Remember to prepare Spanish red Sangria well in advance, so that the fruit macerating in the alcohol gives up part of its perfumes to the liquid and becomes, at the same time, tastier to enjoy. The classic pairing: a potato tortilla or a fried squid sandwich. Or lots of delicious little tapas. Have a good day!

Sangria: ricetta originale spagnola


Portions: 4 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
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500 milliliters of red wine (13.5 -14 degrees alcohol)

300 milliliters gazzosa or tonic water

150 milliliters of orange juice

50 milliliters of Brandy

a cinnamon stick

a clove

30 grams of brown sugar

lemon, peaches, oranges, Plums, sliced and/or cubed apples and pears


sangria: original Spanish recipe

To prepare Spanish red Sangria it is important that all ingredients are cold refrigerator: in VIDEO RECIPE I'll show you the order in which to insert the ingredients. Keep in mind that I prepared the Sangria live and then I also put the ice, but this drink must rest at least a couple of hours and better a whole day in the refrigerator, so the ice you have to add it at the end, just before serving.

Clean the fruit and cut it into cubes and cubes: peaches of various kinds, Apples, Pears, Plums, oranges, lemons. You can also add the seasonal fruit you prefer: cherries or pomegranate to stay on the red fruits.

You'll need a wide jug to be able to mix sangria: pour the fruit first, then the orange juice, the liquor chosen (if you want to add), red wine and finally gazzosa or tonic water.

If you love sweet tastes, add a little brown sugar and mix carefully. Finally, combine the spices: cinnamon and cloves. You can also add star anise or vanilla. Mix well with a wooden wand and place the red Sangria in the refrigerator to rest.

Before enjoying it, add plenty of ice: the fruit will have released some of its aromas and will also have absorbed the taste of Sangria. Serve it for aperitif or even throughout the meal. Bon appétit!

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Serena 9 August 2021 - 16:38

Ada Bonjour

I'm Serena , a member of your site ;)

For Mid-August I would like to try the Sangria in your version , but I can't appreciate the Brandy .

I realize that along with all the other ingredients the flavor would almost not feel , but in your opinion

I could replace it with another liquor , maybe rum ?

Thanks for this and your other recipes , among others I tried the tiramisu with lemon curd for my last

birthday and it was really a success :)

Buon Ferragosto :)

Ada Parisi 10 August 2021 - 23:41

But certainly, also use the rum or liqueur you prefer. Happy Mid-August and thank you for your patience with which you follow me! A warm greeting

maite the Basque June 5th, 2021 - 11:35

hello Ada , promised thing , you said you were putting sangrias online .
thanks again for this sharing , I put a lot of fruit ( fisheries , oranges ( no lemon) Apples …
very good weekend

Ada Parisi June 8th, 2021 - 09:35

Thank you, it reminds me of my travels, which I hope to resume soon. I also did it in the white version, maybe I prefer it. You'll see it soon. A warm welcome, ADA


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