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White Sangria with Martini

Fresh and summer recipe for aperitif time

by Ada Parisi
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Sangria bianca con Martini

Today I leave you the recipe of Spanish white sangria with Martini. After the recipe of the SPANISH RED SANGRIA, Today I show you an equally tasty and decidedly more summery variant, perfect for aperitifs by the sea. And I'll show you as fast as you do in this VIDEO RECIPE on my YouTube channel (subscribe, it's free). I prefer this recipe to the traditional one, because it seems sweeter and lighter to me.

Obviously, it's white because instead of red wine you use a white wine. Also change the fruit: no longer red fruit but yellow or white pulp fruits like melon, fishing, white plum, Pera, lime, white grapes, lemon, Kiwi. In addition to wine and fruit, in white Sangria c’ even a vermouth. I used the white Martini. And finally the gazzosa, which decreases the alcohol content and makes white Sangria refreshing and sweet.

White Sangria ingredients with Martini

You can prepare white Sangria with a still wine or with bubbles, but if you prepare it in advance (how you need to), the bubbles will be lost. We used a collio doc wine. Custoza Doc is also perfect, Etna Doc White, Vermentino Doc, Trebbiano Doc, Gavi Doc or Pinot Grigio Doc.

Among the aromas of white Sangria with Martini cinnamon and mint, to get a fresher scent and taste. Even in this case, fruit must be present in good quantities, to give the cocktail its sweet and fruity taste characteristic. And if you love cocktails don't miss my beloved SUMMER COCKTAIL WITH CAMPARI, PROSECCO ROSE’ AND BERRIES. Or the fresh WATERMELON COCKTAILS. And if you love cocktails take a look at the COCKTAIL COLLECTION with the most classic Italian and foreign recipes. From SPRITZ at NEGRONI passing the BELLINI and many more. Like the SUMMER COCKTAIL WITH MARTINI, CUCUMBER, MINT AND GIN.

If you prefer a less sweet drink, you can replace gazzosa with tonic water. If you love sweet cocktails and drinkers, add 30 grams of brown sugar. Always remember that sangria, both the red and the white Sangria, must be prepared in advance, so that the fruit macerating in alcohol yields part of its scents. And now I wish you good day!

Sangria bianca con Martini


Portions: 4 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
Rating: 3.8/5
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500 ml of white wine (Collio Doc, Custoza Doc, Etna Doc White, Vermentino Doc)

350 milliliters gazzosa or tonic water

50 milliliters of lime juice

100 milliliters of white Martini

30 grams of brown sugar

fresh mint

lemon, peaches, white plums, melon retato or white melon, lime, Kiwi, Pera, white fishing


White Sangria with MartiniTo prepare white Sangria with Martini all ingredients must be cold refrigerator. In VIDEO RECIPE See the order in which the ingredients are inserted: i also put ice to shoot the video, but since sangria needs to be prepared in advance, you have to add it just before you serve.

Clean the fruit and cut it into slices or cubes. Use mixed fruit, because different fruits give Sangria different nuances of taste. In a wide jug pour the fruit, then the lime juice, the white martini, white wine and gazzosa. Or tonic water if you prefer a drier drink.

Add the brown sugar (Optional, if you don't love sweetness avoid it) and mix carefully. Finally, add the fresh mint. Mix well with a wooden wand and place the Sangria in the refrigerator to rest.

Before enjoying it, add plenty of ice and mix well. Serve white Sangria with Martini for aperitif or even throughout the meal. Bon appétit!

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