Fregula with saffron, tomato confit and almonds

Salad of fregula with saffron, with tomato confit and almonds: a simple recipe, Mediterranea, vegetarian and coloured, with very few ingredients, where everything is played on colors and on the taste of the different types of tomatoes. Of course is served cold, is a kind of pasta salad a bit’ different from the usual, I often do because to me the fregula love it and I find it a good alternative to rice or cereal, especially in summer dishes. Here I gave to Sardinian fregula (many in Italian they call ' fregola ') a taste and a bolder color through the use of Saffron. But the real difference, in this recipe, make tomatoes: more types you will use, This dish will be tasty. Each tomato has its own characteristics: There are the yellow corbarini that are very sweet (I've used even to make a with mozzarella), tomatoes camone having a flavor accentuated, the marked and unmistakable taste cherry, the soft and sweet tomatoes. In short, more varieties of tomatoes you will use more this salad of fregula is good. Very few other ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, fresh herbs (those who prefer, I used thyme and Marjoram) and toasted almonds, still with the outer skin, for a more intense and interesting. Obviously you can add many other ingredients, to make it even more complete dish: cubes of feta cheese or primo sale, Ventresca of tuna in oil, some black olive. Now I wish you good day and leave you to your creativity.



Ingredients for 4 people:

  • 320 grams of medium sized Sardinian fregula
  • 500 grams of tomato confit of varying quality and color (Yellow corbarini, cherry tomatoes camone, cherry tomatoes, tomatoes)
  • some pistils of Saffron (I used that of Navelli)
  • fresh thyme and Marjoram, just enough
  • almonds, not roasted, just enough
  • salt and pepper, just enough
  • extra virgin olive oil, just enough
  • organic Lemon: the zest and a little’ of juice

For tomato confit follow the recipe you find below video version, season the tomatoes with thyme, Marjoram, salt and sugar. Harden the tomatoes in 100 degrees for a few hours: you only care about using tomatoes of different types and colors, not just for aesthetics but also a matter of taste. The yellow corbarini, For example,, they're very sweet, the Green Cadillac savoury biscuits, the tomatoes slightly acidic. Like this, your salad will taste different nursery in every bite.

Boiling salted water, to which you will have combined the pistils (or half a bag) of Saffron. Boil the fregula and drain it al dente. Put it in a bowl and season with olive oil, the lemon zest and a few drops of lemon juice, a few sprigs of thyme and Marjoram and black pepper. Once the spawning will be slightly cooled, Add the tomato confit. Cover with plastic wrap and leave to rest the fregula with confit tomatoes for a couple of hours, so that it soaks up. You can leave it at room temperature, If you plan to eat it within two hours, otherwise I recommend you store it in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes before her temper to taste it.

Before serving the fregula with tomato confit, Sprinkle with coarsely chopped almonds (I use those in their skins because they have a stronger taste and particular), drizzle with extra virgin olive oil, some’ ground black pepper and garnish with a little’ fresh herbs. Bon appétit!

THE PAIRING: The Strait of Messina is the wine we chose to accompany this dish. “Houses White” is a white wine, savory, with intense aromas of fresh fruit, with tropical notes, and is produced with Zibibbo grapes harvested generally in late August, which wort is partly fermented and matured in barrique. Produces the Seal Jelmar La Fauci, It has vineyards in front of Capo Peloro. In this recipe, Saffron, tomatoes, almonds, the toasted flavor of the fregola gives a complexity that this wine, just as complex and nuanced (between the savory and sweet) able to support and accompany to perfection.


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