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Final rush to vote your favorite dessert with Stevia

by Ada Parisi
5 min read
We are in the final rush for the contest vote 'The sweetness that rewards you’ Measures announced by Stevia. Maybe those who follow me will remember the two recipes I prepared for Measure Stevia, really putting myself to the test given the well-known sweet Sicilian pastries: the cannoli and the frost of watermelon, I prepared to test if, cutting sugar and therefore calories, sweets typical of my land, Sicily, they still had the taste that has consecrated them among the most popular desserts in the world (Yes, I'm a little’ part, I admit). The result was excellent and again I redid the cold watermelon, one of my favorite desserts, Measurement with Stevia, eating it with gusto but without remorse.

Today I want to remind you that, apart from trying to redo my sweets and those of other 'colleagues’ who participated in the project, you can vote (by clicking here) for your 'regional champion', or for the cake that will be the best among all elected: now, I will not make it long, but understand, I am Sicilian. It so happens that there is a Sicilian sweet among the candidates 'regional champion', the almond paste, one of the cornerstones of the Sicilian pastries. Delicious, but with a drawback: the very high percentage of sugar in the recipe, and therefore calories. Now, seen that in this case are prepared with Stevia Measure, calories are few and I have to tell you, I assaggerei the happy and then I'll try to make them at home by following the recipe, I hope, win the competition. So I voted the almond paste. Last notation, but not least, that voting, until November 16, you can win 50 vouchers from 50 euros each. In short, non vi resta che votare e provare le ricette. E vi ricordo anche le mie due ricette: one can not prove it, because the watermelon can not find more, but the cannoli yes….

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