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RoccaFiore: cantina green, hospitality and organic cuisine with views of Todi

by Ada Parisi
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A big wild rose garden grown between the stones of an old country house, on top of a small hill overlooking Todi: Leonardo Baccarelli immediately understood that this was the place where he was born and where Roccafiore would become reality the idea that has long had in mind. Or, to create a place where hospitality combine, Club, environmental sustainability and the idea return to agricultural labor and land that has long passionate about, also as “retaliation” for a life spent in the industry. Thus was born Roccafiore, an ambitious project: resort, cellar, restaurant and farm, all eco-sustainable and Organic. Renovated and redesigned by Leonardo, businessman in the oil industry, and his wife Francesca, Today the Roccafiore house and what revolves around it is run by his sons Luca and Ilaria, which respectively they found in the management of the winery and hospitality and catering their career and life.

RESORT IL – We chose this hotel as a home base when we organized a two-day tour in Todi, to tell this beautiful Umbrian town, still hovering on the wire of the Middle Ages (you read my travel itinerary?). Instead of staying in the historical center, we preferred to move in the countryside: sleep without hearing noises, wake up surrounded by greenery, have breakfast in a garden, have the chance to walk in nature in a place that respects tradition, it seemed the best way to appreciate the Umbria. Living in a big city (although it is something I've wanted since I was small in Messina), me today surprised to strive for peace, at least when I travel and I think this is also the aspiration of many tourists, Italian and foreign, visiting these areas of the middle Tiber Valley. The restructuring of ROCCAFIORE interior was handled entirely by Leonardo dad and mom Francesca, following the ancient style of Umbrian manor houses. The hotel rooms are distributed along two wings refurbished. A master in style, with rooms made of majolica and delicate stucco, decorated with antique furniture and floors that go back to ancient Umbrian cementine; the other rustic, with classic living stone and wood elements. If, though, prefer a complete loneliness, you can stay in the wine chalets, a newly built house in the woods that surround the winery: in every way a chalet, more reminiscent of northern atmosphere and Mediterranean.

THE RESTAURANT – Del Roccafiore resort hits the relaxing atmosphere, family but, at the same time, elegant a place that has a specific plan behind. And I do not deny that the choice was also oriented by the fact that inside it was this one of the best restaurants in the neighborhood: the restaurant Fiorfiore. Chef Carlo Grimaldi, originally from Abruzzo, guide the kitchens of this place from the moment of the opening. His is a cuisine that uses for most farm products Roccafiore: starting dall'ortofrutta, through the cold cuts, the oil, legumes and livestock meat of Cinta Senese pigs (if you want you can visit the small farm on the tour called ironically Jurassic Pork). Unmissable, meat is amate, the palomba the greedy, an old recipe which is the symbol of Todi flat. It is a wild pigeon (colombaccio), that is cooked first grilled and then stew in a very tasty sauce prepared with red wine, vinegar, chicken livers, small birds, herbs and spices.

Grimaldi is one of those lucky few chefs who, instead of working in a windowless kitchen with forced ventilation, He works in a large space with the bright windows overlooking the garden. Is, when in need of an aromatic herb, It can pick it up directly with their hands in the green, among the olive trees. In the video we shot in the kitchen, the Grimaldi chef realized for heading the Creative Siciliani “In the kitchen with the chef” (you subscribed to my You Tube Channel to receive free email all the video recipes and my video columns?) cappellacci Cinta Senese with artichokes, of cream cheese. The processing of fresh pasta, the manual execution of cappellacci, the scents of those artichokes with mint I can only describe them. While the abundance of the portions you can see it yourself.

And if I had fun at lunch to sample the meat dishes and specialties tuderti, dinner I opted for the fish menu. The chef has a happy and gentle hand on catch (really good scallops with cream of peas), while the sous chef Luca floor is dedicated, successful and elegance, pastry: beautiful and good desserts I've tasted, both those with fruit, dominated by acidity, both the chocolate, ricotta and orange that, the idea of ​​pastry, It is a reminder of Sicily. To work off some’ the calories of the meal, you can choose between a swim in the outdoor pool, with views of Todi and surrounded by fragrant rosemary hedges, or a massage and a dip in the spa, where, plus turkish bath, massage and hydrotherapy, you can float lazily in the warm pool and deck overlooking the garden. Also nice to have breakfast in the green (when I was in Roccafiore it was April and it was very, hot) or in the many halls of the restaurant, lit by large windows.

LA CANTINA – Baccarelli Luke is a young entrepreneur dagii smiling and mild-mannered eyes, who has very specific ideas on wine and, especially, on its wine. Since the inception of the cellar, He has worked to propose his idea of ​​wine Umbria. First of all, He has chosen to enhance indigenous and local grape varieties (Grechetto di Todi, Trebbiano Spoletino, Sagrantino) International preference to those who had found already implanted, such as Merlot. It focused on agriculture to organic methods (although not certified). Luca, without having passed through all the stages of a specific professional training oenological, He did alongside experience of the first winemaker winery, the South Tyrolean Hartmann Donà. He has developed the idea of ​​giving a personal interpretation to the Grechetto wine. An ambitious bet on this wine, in regional tradition, It has been proposed as a white degree of alcohol supported, dry taste, without large acidity. The Roccafiore winery, instead, He worked for years, and he is still working, to give freshness, perfumes and lightness to the wine Grechetto. A party research and experimentation with various vintages of Grechetto higher Todi “Fiorfiore” and that from 2018 is enriched by the reserve Fiorfiore: a refined white for nine months in barrels and for two and a half years in the bottle. A race against time for Roccafiore winery, in this first year in the reserve version commerce, It is able to offer a complex wine, scented, tangy and fresh. Obviously, to improve and get better over the years and vintages.

THE FARM AND SUSTAINABILITY’ – Conceived as a multipurpose space, the cellar is constructed of steel, wood and concrete, and it is functional to normal daily stages of processing but can also be set up to accommodate events, exhibitions, conferences. The winery has the quality mark “Green Heart Quality” the Umbria Region, that certifies the environmental sustainability. Set in the beautiful countryside of Todi, this property is surrounded by vineyards, by terraces and gardens. Walking in the 92 hectares of the estate grounds, You discover the continuation of the ancient custom of screws “married” to fruit trees and you can pick edible flowers and herbs in the garden. In spring, artichokes, strawberries, cherries grow next to the main building and are collected every morning: They will become part of the raw materials used in the restaurant FIORFIORE.

(visited in April 2018)

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elisabetta 19 May 2018 - 08:32

Very inteeressante

Ada Parisi 23 May 2018 - 12:07

Marked the address because if you go to Umbria is really a landmark.


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