White Alba truffle risotto

Risotto al tartufo bianco d'Alba

White Alba truffle risotto: The luxury of simplicity. The truffle risotto is a typical and traditional recipe of Italian cuisine, not only in Piedmont but all the Italian territories in which collects truffles. From Tuscany to Molise. To prepare I chose to use a semi Vialone Nano which I fell in love, although a Carnaroli rice is still a perfect choice for any RECIPE OF RICE. The white Alba truffle is obviously to, I chose personally to Alba during a beautiful WEEKEND IN THE LANGHE.

I chose it and I brought it to Rome lovingly storing in a jar from which the smell was still given off by invading the whole carriage of the train in which I traveled. Not everyone has appreciated. But if you love truffles, White or black, have a look at all my RECIPES WITH TRUFFLES. The risotto is so simple and basic that should be prepared with ingredients of excellence, suitable for the Tuber magnatum pico.

A balanced white wine like Falanghina Sannio, veal gravy or at least a home made vegetable broth, high quality butter, little shallots and Parmigiano Reggiano PDO 30 months. I could recommend this risotto with white truffle of Alba as a first course at Christmas dinner or New Year, Since this is a plate of a unique elegance, but I have to tell you to think carefully about the costs in case your family was large.


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  • 320 grams of rice (I used Carnaroli, Vialone Nano but also a fine )
  • 40 grams of white truffle of Alba
  • 60 grams of butter
  • medium scallions
  • 60 grams of shredded PDO Parmigiano Reggiano
  • 1,2 litres of vegetable stock or veal or chicken Fund Fund
  • 80 milliliters of dry white wine and non-aromatic
  • salt and pepper, to taste


For the risotto with white truffle, Finely chop the shallots. Put into a pan 20 grams of butter, melt, gradually add broth and scallions and sauté over low heat for 15 minutes, so the shallot becomes translucent but not browned.

In another pan, preferably copper, dry toasted rice, then add the shallots withered and mix well. Deglaze with white wine over a very low heat, evaporate the alcohol and start adding the hot broth, little by little. Season with salt.

Bring cooking risotto with white truffle, so it's the wave (and so creamy) and al dente, Adjust if necessary with salt and pepper, then stir in the remaining butter and parmigiano Reggiano.

Serve the risotto with white truffles from Alba in individual dishes, completing each portion with white truffle cut into thin slices with the appropriate mandolina. Serve immediately. Bon appétit!

Risotto al tartufo bianco d\'Alba
Risotto al tartufo bianco d\'Alba

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