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Risotto with potatoes, Taleggio DOP and black truffle

by Ada Parisi
5 min read

A delicious risotto but refined. I could not define otherwise this fragrant and soft blend of potatoes, Taleggio DOP and black truffle: the flavors melt in your mouth leaving satisfied the palate and even smell. The truffle marries well with the fattiness of cheese and the creaminess of the potatoes, a hint of Rosemary balances the whole and gives a balsamic note. At little cost, Since the black truffle, as the scorzone, are definitely affordable, you will make a great impression.

Ingredients for 4 people:

  • 360 grams of Carnaroli or Arborio rice
  • 1 black truffle from 15-20 grams
  • 2 small yellow potatoes
  • 120 grams of Taleggio DOP (for information and insights about this Pdo you can click here)
  • 40 grams butter
  • 2 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • one shallot
  • salt and pepper
  • 1,5 liters of broth made with a carrot, a stalk of celery, half an onion and a small leaf of Laurel
  • little chopped Rosemary powder
  • 50 grams of grated parmigiano Reggiano PDO

Wash and peel the potatoes, then cut into slices less than half a centimeter and then diced small, so during cooking will melt away. Finely chop the shallot. Put oil and butter in a saucepan, When they get heat, combine the shallots and let it dry over low heat, then add the diced potatoes and brown them slightly, joining if needed little hot vegetable stock, Finally pour the rice and toast for two minutes stirring constantly. Complete with chopped Rosemary powder and start cooking the risotto by adding, little by little, vegetable broth. When the risotto is cooked to the wave, Add the diced and Taleggio DOP parmigiano, mix the rice fire off until the cheese has completely melted.

Serve the risotto and garnish the plate with thin slices of black truffle and a little’ by Rosemary.

THE PAIRING: This is a dish reminiscent of elegant bubbles. We suggest Founder, a brut sparkling wine produced in Sardinia from Winery (province of Cagliari) with a selection of aromatic white grapes. This wine, obtained with the classical method, or by a secondary fermentation in the bottle, stands out for the delicacy on the palate and aromas, they go well with the strong aroma of truffles.

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