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Christmas Recipes: the vegetarian menu

Rich, varied and tasty

by Ada Parisi
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Ricette di Natale 2019: il menu vegetariano, con qualche piatto vegano, che soddisfa il palato senza l'uso di carne né pesce. Piatti semplici ma eleganti, di facile esecuzione.

A rich vegetarian Christmas menu, variegated, tasty and original dishes, but without fish nor fowl. Among my Christmas recipes could not miss the vegetarian menu, to which I am particularly. Both because it is a democratic menu, with a low cost since it does not use either meat or fish, and because it is a menu in which you can a little’ indulge your imagination, to create tasty and original dishes. I elaborated a vegetarian menu in which you can prepare several complete dishes in advance (the sweet, an appetizer and a side dish) and make advance also various preparations for the remaining recipes.

After publishing the FISH MENU, What SICILIAN, and the menu FAST and CHEAP, now we have arrived almost at the end of CHRISTMAS SPECIAL (where you will also find all the years previous menu) and only miss the gourmet menu. Remember, then, even peek through the recipes that I present in the thematic articles on STARTERS CHRISTMAS: 20 RECIPES TO PREPARE IN ADVANCE , on 15 RECIPES AND LASAGNE OVEN-BAKED PASTA and on DESSERT SPOON FOR THE HOLIDAYS do not miss to have an easy time in the kitchen during the struggles for the holidays.

Christmas: the vegetarian menu, creativity and taste

I love the idea of ​​starting a holiday menu, for its full-bodied and hearty nature, with a particular salad, which satisfies the palate with lightness. For the vegetarian menu among the Christmas recipes I propose one of the most popular salads: l’WARM SALAD OF LATE PGI Radicchio with baked ORANGES, HONEY AND WALNUTS. I also add cheese, with the heat melts slightly. Is’ an appetizer delicious and original, perfect for a vegetarian menu level. The second is the starter TART SPELLED with PEARS, WALNUTS and gorgonzola, to be served lukewarm: a different combination from the usual, refined and tasty, galette for a rustic and inviting.

As an alternative, I suggest QUICHE WITH MUSHROOMS and TALEGGIO, too rustic but with all the flavor of porcini mushrooms. Or the delicious and choreographic HOT CHEESE WITH PEARS WITH WINE AND HAZELNUTS.

The first vegetarian dishes for Christmas

Every time I think of a first course for a major menu like the holidays, I think of a risotto. This is why I propose a vegetarian menu RISOTTO WITH SPINACH, with béchamel sauce and pomegranate, that you can serve in individual portions or flan like to take a table centerpiece. If you prefer a baked pasta, since the preparations made in advance can definitely be of help in case of elaborate menus, I propose a WHITE LASAGNA with SCAMORZA BROCCOLI AND BACON.

Finally, if you have guests vegans, I give you an alternative yummy: the FETTUCCINE WITH SAUCE’ of lentils: you can make homemade fettuccine, giving additional value to the plate, or buy them. The lentil ragout is simple to make and has a wonderful taste, Also sure to please guests not vegans. Do not forget also the PUMPKIN AND CHESTNUT RISOTTO WITH TRUFFLE, for gourmet vegetarians.

The second Christmas for vegetarians: eggs and vegetables protagonists

My first choice for a vegetarian menu that surprises is the’EGG IN SHIRT on CARCIOFO, with Polenta and FONDUE CHEESE. A sumptuous dish, that will impress your guests in taste and presentation. L'alternative, more expensive but undeniably classy, is the’EGG IN SHIRT with MUSHROOMS, And truffle fondue.

If, though, you have children of your guests, we must also think of them. This is why I propose the soft and wonderfully good MEATBALLS OF CHEESE TO SICILY, so tasty that you will eat them even after a substantial and calorie menu like the holidays.

The outline must necessarily be light: the FENNEL AND SOUR They are a great choice, like all DISHES AND SOUR that, with their pleasant acidity, clean mouth.

Last but not least,: desserts with seasonal fruit

For dessert I propose the choice between a trilogy of desserts with a wonderful fruit in season: Mandarin. The CREME CARAMEL At MANDARIN, the CREME BRULEE MANDARIN or the MANDARIN FROST Mandarin. Three sweet as easy and quick to prepare as irresistible. The first two are based on milk, eggs, juice and tangerine peel with a delicious caramel mandarin or a crust of sugar that breaks down under the blows of the spoon. The third is even vegan, and it is a Sicilian recipe very dear to me. If you like the idea of fruit frost, you can also prepare it with the ORANGES or the LEMONS.

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