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Christmas Recipes: Sicilian menu

Meat and fish, surprising flavors

by Ada Parisi
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Braciolette di pesce spada alla messinese

You are heating the engines of your kitchens for the preparation of Christmas menus? Today we continue the saga of Christmas recipes with the Sicilian Christmas menu, the one dearest to me, I present in two versions: meat or fish. Both menus, in the tradition of Sicilian cuisine of the parties, they are rich, tasty and colorful. I hope that you will find some interesting ideas even in FISH MENU for Christmas I posted a few days ago.

In the coming days will also come my ideas for a gourmet menu, dedicated to those in the kitchen is doing very well and want to impress guests. You will find delicious recipes for even in my easy and inexpensive Christmas menu, because not everyone wants to spend days in the kitchen and spend as much money, and finally in the Christmas menu vegetarian, to which they are particularly fond.

Obviously, before leaving you to Christmas recipes for a Sicilian menu, I suggest you take a look at all CHRISTMAS MENU I have worked for you in previous years, because there are many ideas and many recipes that might be useful. And if you you are great organizers, those who prepare things in advance in order to avoid errors, do not forget to read my tips on STARTERS CHRISTMAS: 20 RECIPES TO PREPARE IN ADVANCE and my 15 RECIPES AND LASAGNE OVEN-BAKED PASTA for a Christmas stress.


knowing me, you may have guessed that the island lunches and Christmas dinners are a serious matter. So I propose some of the pieces from the nineties our repertoire, harmonized in a menu that is physically affrontabile.

In starters triumphs bluefish

If you prefer fish, instead. Sicilian menu that I propose is built around two great classics like Christmas appetizer: the MARINATED ANCHOVIES and the PATTIES ANCHOVY TO SICILY, or alternatively the PATTIES SWORDFISH GRATIN. All preparations that you can do well with other types of fish and especially early.

The first courses

It continues with a PASTA WITH SARDINES, emblem of Palermo, although in Sicily it is always strong tradition of classical PASTA WITH CLAMS Christmas Eve.

If you just can not help but use tomato, try the delicious PASTA WITH SHRIMP, Confit tomatoes and pistachio. A refined taste explosion made in Sicily.

The second traditional Sicilian seafood

The second course of the Sicilian menu may not be the fish that Cutlets SWORDFISH Messinese or alternatively, If you are at the table you are many and found a nice large size fish (bream, Red Snapper, Grouper, Bass), the BAKED FISH TO PALERMITANA, covered with a fragrance compound of breadcrumbs, oil and herbs. The perfect side dish are FENNEL AND SOUR, Another typical dish of Sicily of the parties.

The sweet

Is, saw that the dishes based on fish are always lighter than meat, Why not have a cake for TIRAMISU’ LEMON prepared with lemons of Sicily.


As a starter we go on seasonal vegetables with STUFFED ARTICHOKES, a classic Sicilian cuisine of the parties. On the table they are also the inevitable OLIVE AND CRUSHED SEASONED, from nibbling between one course and the other.

The first courses, the alternative

The first plate is of a thickness: the THE PASTA INCASCIATA MESSINESE, But to prepare without the fried eggplant (Please, we are in winter, with eggplant we meet again in the summer of 2020). An excellent alternative is the TIMBALE anelletti SAUCE, you can also be prepared with home-made as of pasta, since finding anelletti outside Sicily is rather difficult.

The meat dishes of the Sicilian tradition

For the second, if you really want to bring to the table Sicily, behold, His Majesty Falsomagro TO PALERMITANA, with baked potatoes and peas stewed with tradition. If you prefer red sauces, you can also cook it in tomato sauce, as it does in Messina.

The whole Sicilian alternative to falsomagro are obviously BRACIOLETTINE TO MESSINESE, cooked on the grill or in the oven. The outline at this point becomes almost superfluous, I propose you a fresh salad of oranges and fennel, good and gentle, which with its acidity will help you forget all the calories of the meal.


The sweet, having regard to the previous course, It can only be light: since it is a Sicilian Christmas menu, My choice is a fruit frost. The most suitable, in my opinion, and the LEMON FROST, but you can try also to MANDARIN (sweeter) or to ORANGES WITH CANDIED FENNEL or to MELON CANTALUPO PORT WINE. Also because you already imagine snapping a burrosissimo cake after light dessert which closed dinner or Christmas lunch.


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