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Christmas Recipes 2019: the gourmet menu

by Ada Parisi
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Ricette di Natale 2019: il menu gourmet. Piatti con abbinamenti insoliti e originali dall'antipasto al dolce, per un menu delle feste dedicato a pochi ospiti che amano la creatività in cucina

This year we did it and we are finally ready to face the holidays. Today we conclude the saga of Christmas 2019 recipes with gourmet menu. A menu reserved to those who have a few guests, mostly adults, ready to try something new in terms of pairings. A menu not difficult to prepare and mixing meat and fish so soft, with small inroads into non-Italian traditions, as in the case of ceviche.

Remember to have a look also to the Christmas menu which I published in recent days, the FISH MENU , What SICILIAN, the VEGETARIAN MENU and that FAST AND CHEAP but not trivial. As always, you might find some useful ideas also in the many CHRISTMAS MENU I have worked for you in previous years. Or in the series of thematic articles like special on STARTERS CHRISTMAS: 20 RECIPES TO PREPARE IN ADVANCE , on 15 RECIPES AND LASAGNE OVEN-BAKED PASTA not to be missed and the SWEET 15 SPOON EASY AND GREEDY FOR CHRISTMAS.

Christmas 2019: creativity in the pot to gourmet guests

We begin gourmet menu of Christmas 2019 with an appetizer that comes from afar and precisely from Peru: the CEVICHE FISH. In this case, I prepared a marinated ceviche of fish and shellfish with fruit and vegetables in season, or fennel and oranges from Sicily: an elegant and light starter. If you want to serve another starter, or if you prefer to serve a hot entree, the SOUP AND CLAMS MUSSELS of CREAM POTATO It is a viable alternative. In both cases, it comes to light appetizers perfect for introducing a holiday menu with two main courses, a second major and two cakes.

The first courses for creative Christmas

Two pasta dishes that I thought for you. One of the sea, that will follow the ceviche, and a ground that prepares the main course. My first choice is the Fregula SEAFOOD: a dish that will allow you to enjoy and do enjoy a particular product, the Sardinian fregula (have a look at the article and VIDEO on how it is produced fregula), in a traditional combination and always loved, one with crustaceans and molluscs. The less complex alternative to fregula with seafood, and the Fregula SOUP WITH CLAMS, CIME DI RAPA and BOTTARGA, simpler but equally particular and tasty.

Then, to go from a beach to a meat menu, we spend a risotto: the LEEK AND CHESTNUT RISOTTO with RED WINE REDUCTION. An original risotto with a delicate taste and pleasant acidity due to the wine reduction. Remember, even if you can make some preparation in advance, risotto still has to be cooked at the last minute.

Fruit and meat for a second important dish

The second dish that I thought for the gourmet menu is based on an unusual combination, one between meat and fruit: PORK LOIN WITH ORANGES, CHESTNUT AND DRIED FIGS. A perfect recipe for the holidays, where the pork is combined with the scent of oranges and rosemary, and the sweetness of dried figs and chestnuts. A sumptuous dish that needs no boundaries. If you really want to overdo it, I suggest a simple outline, how CARAMELIZED ONIONS AND SOUR, that with their sweetness match perfectly to the meat.

Celebration Cakes, frosts fruit and creamy cakes

For an important Christmas menu takes important sweets. I have chosen two: the first is the FROST ORANGE CANDIED with FINOCCHI, a sweet vegan, light and pleasant acidity, which brings in an original way a bit’ Sicily on your Christmas tables. Seen that, though, party as the right time to go overboard, then here is the COFFEE CAKE MOKA to’ and CHOCOLATE, layers of cream with mascarpone and coffee with a coffee and a wet gel of coffee which make it special.


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loretta Crestani 9 December 2019 - 22:28

That goodness! I wish I could try all. How beautiful Italy with his culinary variety…and not only…

Ada Parisi 11 December 2019 - 11:08

True Loretta, Italy has a thousand riches. And it is a pleasure to tell you about.


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