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Christmas Recipes 2019: the fish menu

by Ada Parisi
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Risotto alla pescatora

Do you already have a clear idea about the Christmas menu? If the answer is no, here is that every year there's my advice. For the series Christmas recipes 2019 Today the fish menu, the most loved. This year I developed five alternative, hence get ideas for Christmas Eve, for lunch on December 25 but also for the New Year's Eve. The menus are moving between tradition and innovation, and I hope you find something that will inspire you.

Let us begin with the fish menu. The tradition, In fact, wants almost throughout Italy on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve will eat fish and this menu is always the most loved among my proposals. Obviously, I studied for you a menu where some dishes you can prepare in advance and take this opportunity to remind you to take a look also to all my tips on STARTERS CHRISTMAS: 20 RECIPES TO PREPARE IN ADVANCE and the many CHRISTMAS MENU I have worked for you in previous years.

I also remember that the next menu for the holidays will be the Sicilian, the gourmet menu, the vegetarian menu and quick and cheap (but without giving up beautiful and good dishes) And that, if you want to organize in advance, you can have a look at 15 RECIPES AND LASAGNE OVEN-BAKED PASTA to prepare in advance, for a guaranteed success.

Christmas 2019: the fish menu according to tradition


Our fish menu begins with a tasty SALAD COD’ (but you can also prepare it with sword fish, especially if you are in the South) to respect the Italian tradition that this cod, for various reasons, on the tables of almost all regions during the holidays. Often the cod is served fried, but in my opinion start a complex and long menu with a fried is downright dangerous.

Then I selected the best ANCHOVIES IN PIE, an appetizer that you can prepare in a baking pan or even single version, as well as the PIE AND ANCHOVIES SCAROLA SICILIAN.


On the first course of fish tradition for me there is no doubt: a sumptuous RESOTTO TO PESCATORA. Perhaps the most traditional dish for the holidays with the classic Spaghetti WITH CLAMS, perhaps in the most original variant with CLAMS and CIME DI RAPA, worth considering if you scare the idea of ​​preparing a complex risotto for many guests.

If you prefer to prepare a baked pasta, so planning ahead, I suggest the LASAGNE WITH SALMON AND SPINACH, Simple and effect.


As for the main course, if you have decided to opt for a large-sized cooking whole fish, I recommend three perfect cooking methods, all with my step by step tips for a perfect fish. First, the FISH IN SALT , that I like always, because changing fish changes the taste and you can change and customize the contours.

Then the BAKED FISH TO PALERMITANA , some’ most original (especially if you are not Sicilian), because it is covered with a tasty crust made from oil, bread crumbs and herbs.

Finally, a classic CRAZY WATER FISH, with a savory tomato sauce. The outline in this case only has to give a little’ freshness, so I suggest a simple FENNEL SALAD AND ORANGES or a BOUNDARY AND SOUR , by fennel and artichokes through the pumpkin.


The cake must complete the meal with relish, but lightly: bets on a TIRAMISU’ RICOTTA, very easy to prepare, no mascarpone and no eggs (and therefore without the problem of pasteurization), with a strong taste of coffee and chocolate. Alternatively, have a look at all my Recipes TIRAMISU’ to find a delicious dessert spoon, easy and effect.

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