Ricercadiricette rewards us as blog of the month: It is also thanks to you, Thanks!!!

Two two lines to communicate two beautiful news, make an announcement and thank you: the first good news is that over 100 people in a month have chosen to follow us on Facebook…an outcome that we never hoped for. The second is that the site www.ricercadiricette.it decided to reward us as blog of the month: you can also find us athttp://www.ricercadiricette.it/blog/siciliani-creativi-in-cucina-529/. A Searchricette goes our thanks, but it goes above all to all the friends we already knew and to those who friends have become in this month, giving us sincere and passionate suggestions and advice. Finally, the announcement: from Monday for 4 days we will post our 'Valentine's Menu'. An appetizer, a first, a second and a dessert designed by the two Sicilian creatives specially for this party and photographed by Gianluca, despite the lights of the house remine us against. A warm greeting to all. ADA and Richard.

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conunpocodizucchero.it February 3, 2013 at 12:08

Good! 🙂


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