Bread, Pizza, leavened and pies


Banana bread (plumcake bananas)

Bread sticks with black olives

Venetian brioche with custard

Shortcrust baskets with apples, taleggio cheese and walnuts

Ciabatta bread flour, with poolish

Crackers with oregano and Maldon salt

Tart with vegetable ratatouille and mozzarella di bufala DOP

Chickpea flour

Sweet raisin Focaccia

Focaccia, with sourdough

Focaccia maiden (Sicilian original recipe)

Frisella caprese

Gateau or gattò (Sicilian recipe)

Gateau potatoes with sauce and fried eggplant (Sicilian recipe)

Gateau (or gattò) potatoes stuffed with meat sauce (Sicilian recipe)

Danish Swivels with custard and raisins

The long rising pizza

Laugenbrot (Alto Adige bread)

Mini quiche with Fava Beans and pecorino

Pan lightweight brioche dough and without

Milk bread

Milk bread with black olives

Bread with cheese and cranberries

Unleavened bread (chapati)

Sardinian cheese bread (PANI de arrescottu ")

Black bread of Castelvetrano

Bread with fresh onions of Tropea and fresh oregano

Soft bread with onions and green olives

Corn bread

Pecan bread and pecorino

White bread with milk, with black olives

Bread in pot (semolina)

Whole wheat bread with walnuts

Potatoes parmigiana

Parmigiana pumpkin

Pizza salami and pecorino cheese Dop, the sarda

Red puff pastry pizzas

Wild asparagus quiche

Artichoke quiche, with Fontal and Trentingrana

Quiche with mushrooms and Taleggio Dop

Quiche with peppers with yogurt, anchovies and caciocavallo

Quiche of Fig and brie with honey

Asparagus Quiche with cream cheese and curry

Quiche bread dough with leeks and ham

Quiche with potato and smoked cheese

Quiche Lorraine

Scaccia Ragusa parmigiana (Sicilian recipe)

Scaccia ragusana tomato (Sicilian recipe)

Sfincione Palermo (Sicilian recipe)

sfincione bagherese (Sicilian recipe)

Puff pastry with sweet peppers, Sage and quail eggs

Neapolitan pastry, with cherry tomatoes and mozzarella di bufala Dop

Puff pastry with Parmesan cheese

Pumpkin puff pastry with cheese and honey

Vegetarian puff pastry with pine nuts and parsley pesto and mozzarella

Phyllo artichoke flan

Baked beetroot leaves and Buffalo mozzarella

Baked polenta with artichokes and fish sauce

Salami and ricotta flan with leeks in Filo Pastry

Strudel of brioche bread with broccoli

rustic tart radicchio IGP, ricotta and smoked cheese

Zucchini pie, ricotta and chives

Rustic pie with rice and tomatoes

Swiss chard and ricotta Torta rustica

Rustic pie of cauliflower and cheese

Rustic pie with ricotta and artichoke

Quiche with mushrooms and Taleggio Dop


Silvia October 9, 2016 at 10:10

ADA I too would be interested in your classic Sicilian dough Delicatessen! Thanks Hello Silvia

Ada Parisi October 11, 2016 at 16:33

Hello Silvia! But you mean the dough for pidoni, for tat, for sfincione or what? They're all different mixtures… Let me know! ADA

Dolly February 16, 2016 at 21:22

Sicilian Rotisserie and? A similar mixture? I look at the recipes on the internet, but then it's on your blog that return, matter of trust 🙂 .

Ada Parisi February 17, 2016 at 10:34

Thank you Dear, you gave me a nice compliment. <3 best wishes, ADA


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