Fish main courses

  1. fried garfish (Sicilian recipe)
  2. Fried anchovies with sweet and sour onions
  3. Baked anchovies sicilian style
  4. Marinated anchovies – male cunzati (Sicilian recipe)
  5. Baked stuffed anchovies, with tomatoes
  6. Baked cod with potatoes, mushrooms & black olives
  7. Baked cod with potatoes and tomatoes
  8. Codfish in tomato sauce, with black olives and capers
  9. Cod with potatoes and cream of broccoli
  10. Cod with parsley sauce and autumn vegetables
  11. Fried salt cod alla romana (battered)
  12. Salt cod fried to napoletata (floury)
  13. Cod fish
  14. Codfish, bread sauce and Roast Pumpkin
  15. Codfish with cream of peppers, with fried leeks
  16. Roulade of swordfish Messina
  17. Sea bass baked in salt
  18. Bresaola di tonno, fennel, strawberries and tuna sauce
  19. Squid stuffed grilled Sicilian
  20. Stuffed calamari stew
  21. Stuffed calamari in tomato sauce
  22. Sicilian stuffed squid
  23. Calamari and potato stew
  24. Squid stuffed grilled Sicilian
  25. Squid stuffed with artichoke cream with mashed Purple Potatoes
  26. Steamed squid stuffed with mashed potatoes
  27. Caponata di pesce spada
  28. Cod Carpaccio with melon, Asparagus and mayonnaise
  29. Grouper all'acqua pazza with Sardinian fregula
  30. Monkfish stew, with tomatoes and olives
  31. Monkfish with pistachio nuts, hazelnuts and caper tapenade
  32. Fish Cutlets spatula Sicilian (fish flag)
  33. Cream of potato soup with mussels and clams
  34. Banner fish cutlets with grilled tomatoes
  35. Zucchini croquettes and swordfish with spicy sauce
  36. Perch croquettes with yogurt sauce
  37. Mackerel fillet steamed with caramelized onions
  38. Fillet of red mullet on lentil salad and avocado
  39. Fried fish, with the grits
  40. Prawns stuffed with citrus salad and chips faux
  41. Fish flag swivels (spatula) with provolone cheese and eggplant
  42. Swivels of spatula (fish flag)
  43. Atlantic bonito goulash with potatoes
  44. Peppered mussels
  45. Salt cod salad, red onions, potato and tomato confit
  46. Calamari salad and lentils with cream of broccoli and Lemon Jelly
  47. Nicoise salad, the original recipe
  48. Fish salad stalk Sicilian, traditional recipe
  49. Octopus salad with red onion and cherry tomatoes
  50. Octopus salad with potatoes and parsley sauce
  51. Rolled anchovies and Zucchini Flowers with lemon
  52. Lightweight tip and eggplant rolls
  53. Swordfish rolls with parsley sauce
  54. Swordfish rolls with tomato sauce and Basil
  55. Sole roulade with summer truffle
  56. Sea bass and endive rolls with Eggplant caponata
  57. Paupiettes of sea bass with Artichoke and almonds and lime mayonnaise
  58. Chicken soup with fish cakes and fried chickpeas
  59. Hake stuffed with shrimp and Basil
  60. Grilled corvina on Mediterranean Salad
  61. Crisp bream with cream of yellow pepper
  62. Banner fish Parmesan (spatula)
  63. Peppers stuffed with tuna and Mint
  64. Fish at the Hall with tomato and Basil vinaigrette
  65. Swordfish gluttonous Messina
  66. Fish flag (spatula) au gratin
  67. Fish with tomatoes and olives Sicilian
  68. Swordfish in a double boiler
  69. Sicilian Swordfish
  70. Fishsword a ghiotta Sicilian style
  71. Fishballs Messina style
  72. Fish balls with tomato sauce
  73. Tuna and Mint patties with spicy tomato sauce and bittersweet
  74. Tuna meatballs al sugo alla siciliana
  75. Octopus with tomato sauce and olives
  76. Roasted Octopus with beans and potatoes with cheese
  77. Octopus & chips (fried octopus with potato chips)
  78. Greater amberjack, Asparagus, potatoes and peas
  79. Stewed amberjack alla siciliana
  80. Baked turbot with potatoes and tomato confit
  81. Salmon roll with heart of burrata
  82. Salmon and avocado in tartar with red rice
  83. Salmon, red rice, Fried garlic and avocado
  84.  Sardines
  85. Sarde a beccafico
  86. Sardines stuffed with mozzarella
  87. Cuttlefish with peas (in red)
  88. Baked polenta with artichokes and fish sauce
  89. Tuna salad with fresh beans and citrus vinaigrette
  90. Tuna with pickled onion stew
  91. Baked sea bass Palermo style
  92. Baked sea bass with potato veil
  93. Strudel with Sicilian broccoli, cod and dried tomato tapenade
  94. Sushi (Futomaki) with salmon and avocado
  95. Salmon tartare on creamed peas with turnips and Greek yogurt
  96. Marinated salmon tataki Claret
  97. Timbale of anchovies, tomato and provolone
  98. Timbale of swordfish, Eggplant and mozzarella
  99. Tuna with broccoli, ROE and hollandaise sauce
  100. Sweet and sour tuna with caramelized onions and Mint
  101. Tart Sicilian anchovies (with cheese and tomato)
  102. Patty Gratin Sicilian anchovy
  103. Sicilian pie sword fish
  104. Squid stuffed with tempting to Messina
  105. Fish soup
  106. Fish soup with curry and coconut milk, with Jasmine Rice


RICCARDO 17 November 2017 at 20:13


Ada Parisi 18 November 2017 at 10:08

Thank you and welcome Richard. I recommend, If you feel any let me know, ADA

Peter July 6, 2014 at 11:35

ADA I tried the baked sea bream with tomatoes and olives. Is’ been a success ! And the preparation is very simple. Thanks. Is’ was also an opportunity to know about your site and try in the future other recipes. Hello.

Sicilians creative in the kitchen July 6, 2014 at 17:20

Peter thank you and welcome! Especially on fish simplicity pays! Good Sunday, I hope to hear from you soon. ADA


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