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Reviews: Trattoria Borrello, Sinagra custodians of the traditions of Nebrodi

by Ada Parisi
5 min read

A Sinagra, in the province of Messina, Borrello name is synonymous with agriculture and catering for decades. In this small town on Nebrodi (and I recommend you read my route between the Nebrodi and Etna not to miss anything of these beautiful places) the farm Borrello Fratelli is an example of how to work in the fields, breeding, product processing and catering can really walk together, and represent long the engine of a company that works, that makes income for themselves and for the territory, managing to keep intact and transmit the traditions of this part of Sicily. Since the Sixties, The Borrello family is dedicated to the agri-food sector, in compliance with a very short chain and controlled that puts together the breeding, processing and tasting. Here one hundred percent of the products are from the same company. They are very rare places like this, and are even more rare ones who manage to maintain high quality despite the big numbers, because the restaurant is often fully booked. Because? Simply because the food is good and, given that the products are all more than a centimeter and local zero, you spend the right: the fixed price menu, with water, bulk wine, coffee included, It costs 28 € per person.

The farm and the Trattoria Fratelli Borrello Sinagra are inserted in an area of ​​about one hundred hectares conducted under organic farming, in the woods between the towns of Sinagra and Ucria, in an area rich in natural resources. The farm raises different kinds of animals: black pig of Nebrodi, cattle, rabbits, polli, goats. Raw material that is woven in both the sausage factory is in the family dairy. From milk, They are obtained fresh ricotta and seasoned, caciotta, traditional provole of Nebrodi, pecorino cheese and goat cheese. From sausage factory, arrive fresh butchered meats and a wide variety of meats: from bacon to ham, all Lonza, until sausages both fresh and dried. All products are available for purchase at the point inside the trattoria sale, recently restored in order to keep the rustic look, warm and welcoming typical Nebrodi.

Fratelli Borrello – antipasti meats and cheeses

The Trattoria Fratelli Borrello menu is at fixed price, a formulation used in typical Sicilian farmhouse very local. In the menu (brace yourself and fast at least two days before the deal) They include several specialties of the area that have always characterized this place: many come just to eat traditional dishes, increasingly hard to find, and that's why the restaurant is always very crowded, especially on Saturday and Sunday (reservations required, I recommend). The cost of the menu is fixed, around 28 Euros, and its formulation changes with the seasons. In any case, be prepared for a series of at least 15 appetizers, followed by 3/1, grilled meat, Salad, potatoes, sorbet, cookies, homemade liqueurs and coffee.

Fratelli Borrello – olives,. artichokes and mushrooms

We have visited this restaurant countless times, and we are not ever been disappointed. The last was in June 2018 and came to the table first ham, dry sausage, the lard of blacks pigs Nebrodi, along with provola of Nebrodi and the typical Sicilian ricotta cheese baked, accompanied by black olives, a salad of artichokes and mushrooms, Caciotta of flakes and rocket.

Fratelli Borrello – mortadella black pig

To follow, the black pig Nebrodi mortadella, a rarity: soft, flavorful, balanced with good fat inserts scioglievole. A meat that alone deserves a visit, Borrello fruit of the family of research and experimentation within the company's sausage factory. The blacks are pigs fed on acorns and roots, but if necessary, how does knowing the company itself, the diet is supplemented with fruits and cereals (broad beans, more and orzo).

Fratelli Borrello – provolone roast

Then, roasted provolone, roasted to perfection. The provolone is one of the typical dishes of these mountains. From Helicon Montalbano in Floresta, all the major urban centers of the Nebrodi Mountains boast excellent cheeses and especially good provole, which are included in the lists of traditional food products of the Sicilian Region and the Ministry of Agriculture.

Fratelli Borrello – fried cardoncelli

The Fried mushrooms, the type cardoncelli, there's a surprise. and very welcome. They are tasty results, dry and crisp. Even mushrooms, especially the mushrooms, They are one of the most sought after specialty of this territory, dense forest vegetation, especially oaks. You may find since the summer months and for most of autumn.

Fratelli Borrello – eggs and sausage

A separate chapter deserves the sausage with eggs. Proposed as a starter, in reality this dish is a second very tasty and nutritious. An ancient and simple recipe that you do not know the source, but which of course reminds me of the traditional eggs and bacon (eggs and bacon) English. I eat it for years, always fascinated by how the rustic flavor of the sausage, enhanced by fennel seeds, It marries wonderfully with fresh chicken eggs.

Fratelli Borrello – first dishes

For lovers of traditional Sicilian cuisine and homemade pasta, the first three of a kind is to be applauded. The dishes are served on trays, separated, but we preferred to join them together in the same dish, to understand the differences in one photo shoot. The tagliatelle mushroom not lacking almost never in Trattoria Fratelli Borrello: pasta al dente, very creamy and tasty and soft porcini. Then come the macaroni to the fret (a thick paste, semolina, traditionally prepared using an underwire for forming) with wild boar sauce: a specialty of Nebrodi, which it is found in many diners, restaurants and resorts in this part of the province of Messina. Those who come to this place, absolutely must try this dish: the calluses of the dough, The thick sauce, tidbits of very tender meat. Do not forget to ask for some’ Sicilian Style canestrato to complete the exceptional taste of this Sicilian recipe. The highlight of the first three of a kind, what surely would you do for an encore, are definitely rolls of pasta with the sauce of eggplant, topped with ricotta baked. A dish with intense flavors, one of the countless variations of the famous pasta alla Norma, which it is one of the hallmarks of this mountain inn, must for those who want to know a good slice of Sicilian culinary tradition.

Fratelli Borrello – chops and mixed grill

The heart of the restaurant Fratelli Borrello is definitely the big oven (and the great barbecue) with wood and always lit coals for preparation of meat dishes. The choice is vast and the raw material comes from the farm property. All the meat is exposed to view, so choose your favorite live cuts. In table arrives a mixture consisting of roast beef and lamb, of pork, Beef and, especially, mythical braciolettine Messina, with a stuffing of breadcrumbs, herbs and cheese; but also excellent sausages to be seasoned with a little lemon juice. In winter, the restaurant also serves chops, Wild boar chops and roast in the oven (specialty of the house). A baked potato or fries and salad never fail as a side dish.

Fratelli Borrello – stigghiole

It is also a butcher, the Trattoria dei Fratelli Borrello not forget to propose to its guests the recipes obtained with the fifth quarter, or the entrails of animals reared on the farm. An example? The “stigghiole all viddàna”, a typical street food dish is both Palermo and Messina province. It is the lamb intestines, calf or kid that are twisted around other internal parts of the same animal (heart, animelle, liver) and then cooked on the grill, flavored with parsley and spices. A dish of ancient origins, that is traced back to the Magna Greece. The term may derive from the Latin stigghiola “extitit” (the intestines): restaurants that serve really counted on the fingers of one hand.

Between drinks, wine or beer are included in the price, but, off the menu, you can choose a bottle from a wine list with prevalence of Sicilian wines, but you can also order a Sicilian craft beer. At the end of a meal, i always very courteous waiters, rapid and gentle, offer the fruit, a sorbet according seasonality (a true sorbet, made with real fruit) and a selection of liqueurs and digestives of the house: limoncello, nocino, Coffee Liquor, accompanied by the homemade biscuits, the cookies “ugly but good” Hazelnut Nebrodi, always grown on the farm and you can also buy in the small shop inside the premises. In short, in a visit to Sicily and especially in a tourist route on the Nebrodi, Trattoria of Borrello brothers is really a must.

Trattoria Fratelli Borrello
Sinagra (ME)
Contrada Forte
Tel. +39.0941.594844

(visited June 2018)

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Ferdi 18 July 2018 - 23:39

I have been several times to eat at this restaurant and always more and more and I was excited about the food and the quality and quantity of the dishes. I always take my children compared them, if satisfied, They ask me to return. And for this they have always done. Hello, ADA

Ada Parisi 19 July 2018 - 15:15

I know you're a gourmet. I must say that the quality is high and above all stable. They are very good. See you soon Ferdinando, thanks always. ADA

elisabetta corbetta 18 July 2018 - 08:11

Very unique and distinctive Nebrodi Mountains, The price per person is very reasonable and goodness are served.
A big kiss

Ada Parisi 19 July 2018 - 15:15

Elisabetta mark it, because if you come to Sicily you have to try it!


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