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Reviews: from Bellavista in Messina, cucina di pesce sullo Stretto

by Ada Parisi
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A wonderful view, attentive to detail and a kitchen with premium ingredients, but he still needs to find the right balance in flavors. Since I love raw fish and the restaurants that overlook the sea, during the holidays I decided to try the restaurant Bellavista in Messina, on the seafront in Torre Faro, in one of the most scenic spots of the entire coast, overlooking the Calabria. Decorated in shades of white, in an elegant and refined, and with summer terrace offers the sound of a few meters from the Strait, The Bellavista restaurant with creative cuisine is defined by fish.

At the entrance, a large aquarium with crayfish and lobsters, While the catch available is on display on the ice. White tablecloths on the tables of, elegant wine glasses, dishes of modern design. The wait staff seems professional and qualified immediately, prompt and friendly. The service is accurate and timely. In a few minutes comes the welcome from our chef: a glass of Prosecco Doc and little whims, bruschetta with tomatoes, Mini salmon croquettes, fried potato wedges. In paper, mainly fish, with a very small proposal for meat cutlets and chops Messina (perfect for children or for those, like my father, so incomprehensible don't like fish). A synthetic enough menu, with a variety of appetizers between raw and cooked, five starters and six seconds, In addition to the catch of the day, It is offered in various cooking methods.

Of course i ordered the raw fish (20 euro): on the plate pink shrimps, a tuna carpaccio, an Octopus carpaccio, marinated anchovies, a carpaccio of sea bream, a small salmon tartare balik and a bowl with marinated cuttlefish. Quality and freshness of the fish indisputable, perfect pairing with the extra virgin olive oil with salt and Hawaiian Cottanera, but for 20 euro I would expect a wider variety of raw: squids were really very few, in the tasting there were red prawns of Mazara (While available among your catch) Neither scampi, absence of oysters (I had to order separately and costs 3 euros each correct) and any other classic of raw fish like mussels, hard clams, clams, Razor Clams. I still enjoyed the pairing with pomegranate, the use of salicornia (Sea asparagus) and the chef's pepper sauce.

The same rating on price-varieties I gotta go for the grilled appetizers, in which I also pointed out some problems in the flavors. At a cost of 20 euros the Starter was two Scallops on a great sweet and sour vegetable caponata with soy sauce and salicornia (for me the best dish of the evening), a squid stuffed with a filling made from dried tomatoes really salty and two oysters in batter that I particularly enjoyed, because in frying these molluscs lose freshness and flavor and end in your mouth remains just a nondescript taste of oil.

Good and fresh seafood salad (16 euros) with mussels, clams, calamari, shrimp, Salicornia and Octopus (slightly hard). Also in this case the more can be done, especially since this is not a creative dish with behind big technical efforts, but an ordinary seafood salad made in traditional way. Among the starters, in paper, even jumbo shrimp tempura on chickpea (20 euro), the traditional sautéed mussels and clams (14 euros), blue fish tartare (15 euros) or salmon balik (18 euros).

As I first chose a very simple dish: linguine with Chili, with clams and tuna bottarga (16 euros). The pasta could have been far more al dente, good the hint of chili but the dish was oversalted, because you are probably not able to balance the flavor of the clams and tuna bottarga, two ingredients with very strong saline. Among other first courses: Grouper ravioli with black truffles of the hyblaean mountains (22 euros), Bellavista risotto with white shrimp, cherry tomatoes and chopped curly (18 euros) and Gragnano pasta with seafood and fennel or with scampi and Zucchini Flowers (16 euros).

Among the latter in paper, the lobster (140 euros per kilo), the fish of the day and in different cooking methods (50 euros per kilo), prawn rolls (20 euro); the monkfish on cream of potato (24 euros), fish skewer (24 euros). My father, I don't like fish, tried the scaloppine alla malvasia (12 euros) with roast potatoes in butter and with an Aeolian salad (4 euro). A simple dish and well executed, with a top quality meat.

Good desserts, everyone at 6 euros: in this case a price cheaper than that. I tried a cannoli decomposed, made from a foam of ricotta and cannoli rind crumbs a coffee semifreddo affogato with hot coffee Mocha, served at the table: a catchy idea and an excellent semifreddo. Both in proper portions and well presented. As for the wines, Sicilian white wine list with valid and well selected national, But even some proposal for international names, mostly French, including Chablis and Champagne. Or you can choose among the proposals by the glass, served in quantity more than ample. I opted for a Gewurztraminer from the cellar Colterenzio and an Etna bianco Doc). In short, in my opinion this is a nice restaurant that has a great potential: the view, the elegance of the Interior, the room staff prepared and a kitchen which I must make an extra effort in script, because at high prices must be big pots, perfectly made and with that flicker of true creativity that makes then the appropriate account.

(visited in January 2017)

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